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  1. Taj Gill

    Why are people offended so damn easily?

    Okay so I've noticed this is a growing trend as years go by. Apparently the term describing it is "progressiveness" but I call it censorship. Why in the whole wide world are people getting offended more and more easily? This past Sunday was the last straw for me and it compelled me to rant...
  2. Taj Gill

    Lack of F,F or B,B special move inputs

    The title speaks for itself. Why do you think NRS eliminated this? I know back in the 3D era, Scorpion's spear was B,F just like MKX, but I got used to B,B again like in the Arcade Era with the release of MK vs DC and MK9. So yeah, does anyone know why NRS eliminated this input completely? Do...
  3. Taj Gill

    Kold War Pack?

    Where it at tho? I thought it would come out at the same time as Jason and the Horror pack.
  4. Taj Gill

    Klassic Fatalities DLC Confirmed

    Source: Steam Database Depots uploaded by the publisher. Good stuff NRS. Looks like there's going to be two packs.
  5. Taj Gill

    Rules regarding Homophobic Remarks

    Recently, a lot of reported posts have to do with the nature of using homophobic slurs on the Forum. Many Forum members, myself included, have been raised and brought up in a world where phrases such as "that's Gay!" or "don't be Gay!" are used to negatively describe something. I know that those...
  6. Taj Gill

    Official "Spoiler Questions & Clues" Thread

    So I'm making this thread as a general Q&A for the people who want to know SPECIFIC spoilers, now that people have seen the entire game. The protocol for this thread is as follows: ALL ANSWERS MUST BE IN SPOILER TAGS. That is common sense because there are some things people might not want to...
  7. Taj Gill

    (Potential Spoilers) How to avoid the Netherrealm?

    Okay so this has been on my mind and I feel it's worth a discussion thread. As we know, at the end of MK9, all the dead "good" warriors were revived as revenants by Quan Chi. What is confusing to me is why did EVERYONE go to the bloody Netherrealm? I mean, even Nightwolf is a reanimated...
  8. Taj Gill

    People's extreme love and passion towards characters

    First of all, if this post offends you by any means, my apologies in advance, I just want to understand something that I can't seem to wrap my head around. Also, this isn't a sarcastic post, and I'm not trying to be demeaning either. Also, I'm posting this in the MKX forum because this theme has...
  9. Taj Gill

    Batman: Arkham Knight receives M RATING WOW. And they have no plans on altering the game to get a T rating. They're ok with the M rating. Am I psychotic if I say that I'm way more excited for this game just because of this? DISCUSS!
  10. Taj Gill

    Costco Canada lists MKX Release Date DECEMBER 2015

    Taking this with a grain of salt... I was just browsing the COSTCO CANADA website for Xbox One stuff because I'm looking to buy one soon, and I stumbled upon this: I'm calling bullshit, but if it's projected to be this late, that's really going to suck...
  11. Taj Gill

    Are the reveals lacklustre this time around?

    Okay, so this has been on my mind for a while now, and who knows, it may be just me feeling this way, but do the rest of you get the feeling this time around that the reveals are completely lacklustre when compared to MK9? I'm saying this because for MK9, for each character revealed, there was...
  12. Taj Gill

    Xbox One without Kinect Pros & Cons...

    So I'm all in likely gonna buy a Next-Gen console for MKX. I've been a Microsoft/Xbox guy for a while now, so I'm definitely getting the Xbox One. My question is, now that they dropped integral Kinect support, what are the pros and cons of getting an Xbox One without Kinect? Not just in the...
  13. Taj Gill

    Mortal Kombat Trolling Compilation

    Saw this on World Star today, don't know if old or not but its funny as shit!
  14. Taj Gill

    Official GAME OF THRONES Thread

    Hello fellow Westerosi, Dothraki, etc. This is the official thread to discuss the epic, and probably best TV show of all time, Game of Thrones, currently airing on HBO and in its 4th Season. The show is based on "A Song of Ice and Fire" series of novels by American Author George R.R. Martin...
  15. Taj Gill

    The Return of Weapons?

    Just out of curiosity, who would seriously want weapons to make a return for MK 10? I'm kinda torn on this, so I just want my fellow fanatics' opinions and views on the subject. I wouldn't mind them returning, always fun to hack and slash your opponent, but I really wouldn't be heartbroken if...
  16. Taj Gill

    Mortal Kombat Characters Flash Dancing on Random People!

    LMFAOO, this is too funny! Enjoy everyone!
  17. Taj Gill

    Good News for South Australian Gamers!

    Hey guys, just as a heads up, apparently the State of South Australia is going to introduce the R18+ rating for sure, regardless of decision. However, the 15+ rating is going to be demolished. Here is the full article for details:
  18. Taj Gill

    New Era 59Fifty Mortal Kombat 2011 Cap

    Okay, since I love urban/skater fashion, fitted hats are a MUST for me, probably as well for most of you (DCP I see you ;)). Well, after watching the Mortal Kombat Standard Edition Unboxing video, I saw a glimpse of a MK logo hat. I did my research, and my favourite cap brand, New Era, has...
  19. Taj Gill

    CANADIAN Mini Tourney and Release!!!

    SO PEOPLE IN ONTARIO, are you ready to get you Kombat on, A DAY BEFORE RELEASE??? Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto and Silvercity Theatre in Newmarket are holding a mini MK9 tournament at 8:00 PM on the 18th of April and the finalists will get to play on the BIG SCREEN. They will also show short...
  20. Taj Gill

    Potential Major Issue Regarding Klassic Costumes

    Alright, so I was reading the thread about the Alternate Costumes confirmed to be in the Krypt and not DLC. Whether or not that includes the Klassic Costumes is unknown as of now, but if it does, it may pose a major problem. Recently Boon confirmed on Twitter that the Alternates will be...