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    Give Mortal Kombat X on PC a Chance!: A Petition to Raise Awareness to NRS/WBIE

    Hello everyone, as you propably know, WB/NRS dropped support for PC version of MKX. I would be grateful if you signed this petition. It may be a futile task, but AFAIK Tremor...
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    KP2 gameplay in next week confirmed on Boon`s Twitter I hope only for netcode patch.
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    My thoughts about MKX DLC...

    When smoke (hehe) after KP2 blew over, i came to thinking, there is NOTHING WRONG with guest characters. What is wrong is that, in DLC we get characters who should be included in base product. Jason, Pred, Alien, Leatherface for purchase are nothing wrong. Tanya, Bo and Goro behind paywall...
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    RUMOR: High Voltage gets fired, Q-Loc will support MKX PC Port I sooo hope it`s true, last spark of hope for decent PC MKX What do u guys think??
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    How to fight AGAINST Kung jin online?

    Do you have any tips? Which character is better than others to counter his dive kick and totally OP neutral jump punch? I find myself getting my ass handed to me when I play against kung jin... It just seems like he does not have weaknessess...