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  1. Jinko

    Injustice Comic Discussion (Story Spoilers)

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread for the comic books of Injustice. I surely can't be the only one here purchasing these. I purchase my copies from Comixology. They also have an app for mobile devices so I usually read them on my Galaxy Note. As of today, there are a total of 7 chapters to...
  2. Jinko

    Happy 2013 Everybody!

    So midnight has passed here in Australia over three hours ago. I spent it with my best mate trying to get to the party and countdown. We made it two minutes after midnight. :laugh: Oh well, we ended up playing Mario Party 9 and boy, what a fun game to play with your best mates. What will you be...
  3. Jinko

    Syco 10" Statues (Scorp and Sub)

    So I strolled into a local GameTraders expecting to buy a Mario plush toy for my car. Little did I know they had stock of the Syco 10" Scorpion and Sub-Zero. They were both priced at $200AUD but I managed to drop them down to $175AUD each for buying them both, then and there. Pretty amazing...
  4. Jinko

    New iPhone revealing in less than 24 hours.

    Apparently there's some event where Apple will be showcasing the new iPhone coming out possible at the end of this month. It's rumoured that Apple will be showing two phones - the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is supposed to be having a larger memory, and most likely antenna fixes...
  5. Jinko

    MK2 Fake | Sub-Zero MK9 Fatality

    It has been so long since I have made a classic fake. It's pretty much just cut and paste jobs. Here it is resembling Sub-Zero's Torso Rip Fatality.
  6. Jinko

    MKAK Visual Filters/Styles (Slow internet, Beware)

    I've taken some screen shots for those who don't have the game yet and want to compare the visual styles in each game. There are 5 styles in total: - Klassic (Default) - Painted 1 (All visuals have an oil painting appearance) - Painted 2 (Same as above, slightly different) - Smoothed (Classic...
  7. Jinko

    DotA 2 Thread | Tournament Stream Up Now!

    The original DotA was introduced in Warcraft III as a custom map. The map quickly rose in popularity, and was eventually picked up by Valve Corporation (known for hit games such as Half Life series and Portal series). Official DotA 2 Trailer Valve is currently holding a tournament for DotA...
  8. Jinko

    Soundtrack for your life

    So you're walking down the street like a boss, be it for coffee or a pack of fish skin. There's a man following you where ever you go, holding a boom-box on his right shoulder. What's the song coming out the two speakers? Note: You are never able to change your choice of audio. My choice...
  9. Jinko

    E3 2011 Thread | Schedules

    So 2011's E3 is less than a day away. I know some of you guys are excited for it. Below are the Schedules of the Press Conferences, taken directly from I'll be trying to watch the Big 3 Press Conferences (Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft). What are YOU excited for? Let us know in...
  10. Jinko

    Scorpion 3D Model by Alexander Stepanchikov

    Ran across this 3D model of Scorpion made by Alexander Stepanchikov. Imagine someone cosplaying into that! More @
  11. Jinko

    Any Legend Of Zelda fans here? Check this out.

    What if Zelda was a girl? I'm not exactly one myself as I've never finished a Zelda game before, but I loved playing as Link in the Super Smash games. Anyway, I thought some of you might enjoy this. Bloody good stuff there, Nintendo. Mind = Blown. Also, this can turn into the Legend...
  12. Jinko

    Post images of your Kollector's Edition!

    Players from around the world, show us some images of your Kollector's Edition! I'm very interested to see the detail on the US and EU KE. Most of the videos are not sufficient enough. Upload! Stick them in your scanner if you have to!
  13. Jinko

    Some New MK Rebirth Images

    Man, this series is starting to look really great. April is going to be one heck of a month fellas.
  14. Jinko

    New MK Stage Music?

    It wasn't found by me, but because I haven't seen or heard of it here on TRMK, I'm posting it here. I apologize if it's the theme song for the widget or something as I don;t have the widget.
  15. Jinko

    MK TE/KE in Australia, now available.

    Instead of PM'ing everyone I knew living in Australia, I've decided to make this thread for all to see. The KE&TE is finally available to preorder, at incredible prices! PS3 Mortal Kombat - Kollector's Edition 360 Mortal Kombat - Kollector's Edition ONLY $128. PS3 Mortal Kombat -...
  16. Jinko

    Steam Chrstmas Sale!

    Just incase you guys are missing it, TONS of sales at the Steam Store. Merry Christmas everybody.
  17. Jinko

    The TRMK Census

    This thread is here to show how many MK fans on the forums are living closer than you think. You can meet new people and talk about upcoming releases in your region etc. privately. Please state the Country you live in and if it has one, a State. I'll update this list as soon as more people...
  18. Jinko

    Draw your Life!

    Here's a template. And here's my life.
  19. Jinko

    [56k Warning] HYPER Magazine featuring MK9, scans inside!

    I actually got these before they were shelved. They were sitting in a box at the back next to the storage room and I just picked one up. If you're Australian, go get your own HYPER Magazine. This is for the international folks out there. EDIT: It was probably a bad idea to upload these images...
  20. Jinko

    Draw your MK Logo.

    We're all anxious to see MK9 in a few hours, but lets kill the time by drawing the MK logo in paint! I'll edit this post as soon as I finish. Here's a picture for reference. My attempt