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  1. Dedamn666

    Injustice Battle Mode Ending

    Right, I don't follow DC Comics much but what the hell happens to Superman at the end of battle mode? It's odd and I find his head floating around endlessly in limbo screaming in a glass tomb hilarious, but what the hell is it or is it just random madness?
  2. Dedamn666

    Free Arkham Asylum DLC Download for Injustice
  3. Dedamn666

    Underground Gaming Tournaments

    Harrowing stuff, deserves a watch
  4. Dedamn666

    Help with MK2, and its not beating the game

    Right, not very good at MK2 but looking to get better. One thing i don't understand is how flying kicks take priority over the other players in early MK games. For example i will go for a airborne kick then my opponent will do it after but it connects. I have tried doing this myself but my...
  5. Dedamn666

    Mortal Kombat vs Clayfighters: The Fight of the Millenium

    All is calm on Shang Tsungs desert fortress. Years have passed since the great Tournament, ages have dissolved into the ether. The great Tournament, where earths champions defended the time continuum and balance of the realms in The Great Tournament! The tournament named Mortal Kombat..... The...
  6. Dedamn666

    WWE13 Trailer Leaked

    The trailers leaked. It looks dreadful. Same old same old. Still will end up buying it lol.
  7. Dedamn666

    Street Fighter 25th Anniversary excitement collection

    Today Capcom announced Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. This edition is one massive collection of Street Fighter items and is a true dream for Street Fighter fans. Below are the items you will receive from the collector’s edition. This will probably be the edition I will...
  8. Dedamn666

    Free MKAK give away

    HI Guys I've recently ordered a MKAK Klassic Fight Stick for PS3, it should be arriving next week sometime. Since i allready have the MKAK and i get a DLC code free, i thought i would give it away to someone who needs it on this forum. Please can you include you PSN ID if enetering, it know...
  9. Dedamn666

    What was the Killer Sequel Spectacular Reboot in OXM then?

    Does anyone know the answer to this? I have searched the internet and found nothing really, probably on account of optimistic fans, believing a Killer Instinct XBox 360 exclusive will be released . All I've found is that it was teasing Assassins Creed 3.
  10. Dedamn666

    Mortal Kombat Bargain!!

    Hi Gang!!! Just found this on EBAY. Do you reckon it is worth it?
  11. Dedamn666

    Special Forces 2

    I'm sure i'm not alone in this but who is with me that they should make a Special Forces 2? Come on i know the first one gets a bad wrap due to people listening to the reviews and not trying it for themselves. In my opinion and im sure some would agree, all though the graphics were not great...
  12. Dedamn666

    MKAK Online region lock?

    Hi Does anyone know if MKAK will have an online region lock as i am considering purchasing it tomrrow from my US PSN account and intend to use it on my uk account for trophys etc
  13. Dedamn666

    what makes the pro players?

    I dont know what its been like round the rest of the world but over the past few days ive all of a sudden started facing (compared to before) i have faced alot of Shang Tsungs. This only seems to be after another web site ( strictly for pros so i am told) posted an article and a video about how...
  14. Dedamn666

    general help with online

    hey does any one have any help at all with tactics and tricks to use whilst online as im getting sick and bored of the game very quickly, due mainly to a losing streak ive been on since ive had a few days off the game. Every match ive been playing lately has either been spam fest, one sided...
  15. Dedamn666

    Is the arcade kollection gonna be released in the UK?

    silly question but im concerned the Arcade Kollection will not be released in the UK, does anyone know anything about this?
  16. Dedamn666

    tactics against smoke

    hi i wonder if anyone can help, ive been playing someone online whos allways smoke. What he does is spam you to shit with smoke bombs, teleports and a basic combo until you block, then he smokes forward and throws you or if you jump kick throw. I can usually find ways round things but this...
  17. Dedamn666

    online voice chat

    is there voice chat on the ps3 version online and if so how is it activated? it doesnt seem to be working for me at the minute
  18. Dedamn666

    Is it me or does Shao Kahn get easier everytime you loose to him on story mode?

    Dont know if this has been posted before but on arcade ladder i seemed to notice the first time you face Shao Kahn he is really quite noticeably harder than if you loose a few times. The first few times he seems to just throw an onslaught of special attacks at you, then if you loose a few times...