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  1. iViTal

    Petition To Fix Online Play In MKX Composed by a variety of Members from TYM, I thought it would be a cool idea for us to get involved and help get this noticed.
  2. iViTal

    7-2-15 Patch Notes "EVO Edition"

    D'Vorah (Swarm Queen) - Added 2 buffer frames on Bug Bomb dash cancel combos if the opponent is in hit stun Ferra/Torr - Deep Stab now does full damage when thrown backwards Ferra/Torr (Lackey) - Back Breaker now does full damage when thrown backwards Jacqui - Added 7 damage to Bionic Blast in...
  3. iViTal

    TRMK Saturday Night Skirmish (PSN)

    Rules: 1) First Player to 5 wins is declared winner of the entire set. 2) Members will be matched up randomly using Challonge . 3) Winning player of match will be Character+Variation locked until a match is loss. 4) Stage Selection is random first match. Match Making: Matches will begin...
  4. iViTal

    Becoming a more competitive TRMK?

    [/FONT][/COLOR] Everyone’s support would be greatly appreciated, and if you have any suggestions, Ideas, gripes, concerns etc. Just post in the thread or PM me. The continuation of this depends on how many people participate, I’m not expecting 50 members every week, but a decent amount of...
  5. iViTal

    "Sorry Darling" Mileena Guide by iVital

    Part 1 of 4, Made this for those who are interested in picking up the character. I may forget a few things while recording but will add in later videos explaining what was forgotten along with videos on the Nerfs/Buffs that are to come in the future. Basic Outline: Part 1: Specials Moves, In...
  6. iViTal

    Official PS4 Match Making Thread

    For those who are tired of playing the same characters in Online Ranked/Player matches. It's pretty simple, just drop your PSN along with the character that you Main/Sub below and I'll update it in the OP along with your @Name. This thread was made for those who want Match up experience against...
  7. iViTal


    Real or nah?
  8. iViTal

    EVO2K14 Predictions Thread

    EVO defines hype, and we're only a day away from the biggest FGC event to date. Hopefully we'll see another cool MKX demonstration along with 3 more characters being revealed. MK9 won't be on the big screen this year, but there is a side tournament for it. So post your predictions here, share...
  9. iViTal

    MKX Gameplay Analysis Thread

    The thread title explains it all, just to start up some gameplay talk and start speculating on the Match ups we can see and maybe point out the potential use of normals and specials that we catch. If you find more videos to analyze, just post them below and I'll add them into the OP.
  10. iViTal

    Injustice DLC clue from Boon.

    A clue from Boon, he tweeted this Recently. Tweet.
  11. iViTal

    Strider 3

    My pants are soaked.
  12. iViTal

    EVO2013 Predictions

    Evo week-end is coming up and I was wondering who you all were rooting for? My List. <---- Schedule. SSF4:AE2012: 1st: Daigo (Ryu) 2nd: Chris G (Sakura) 3rd: Xian (Gen) Injustice: 1st: KDZ (Superman) 2nd...
  13. iViTal

    Injustice Power Hour Sale So this is what sex feels like.
  14. iViTal

    State of Decay

    I'm looking forward to this Title, and it's mad cheap ranging from 15-20 bucks on the XBL arcade and PSN Store. There isn't any Multiplayer, YET, the developers want to see how the game sales before adding MP.
  15. iViTal

    Update on DLC Poll

    Red Hood :hail:
  16. iViTal

    Injustice Tier list by REO and Brady

    Early Tier list drafted by Brady and REO. Please, do not take this tier list seriously because the game is early and the Meta game is evolving day by day.
  17. iViTal

    Punishing Interactables

    No more back dashing out of them, but it's going to be hella hard doing it on reaction.
  18. iViTal

    Colonizing Mars? <--- Official Website. I thought this was pretty interesting, and I would watch the Live stream daily.
  19. iViTal

    Inner Conflict by iVital

    Chapter 1 August 16th, that day.. I'll never forget it. It was the beginning of a life full of despondency, confinement, and emptiness.. My job is the only thing that motivates to press on, for her.. I can't give up. Fighting to avenge her death and complete the goal she started.. Ridding the...
  20. iViTal

    Internal Affairs

    I have no idea why, but I had the urge to write something like this.. One's conscience prevents them from falling into the arms of guilt and sorrow, however immorality steps in with the tongue of a serpent to tell them otherwise. Believe it or not, but it's a battle for the mind between these...