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  1. FlawlessVictor

    MK11 Universal Mechanics Discussion

    Does anyobody here have thoughts and concerns about the game's mechanics? Here are few things known so far Meter 2 seperate sources for offensive and defensive moves, both are fill at the start of round some moves may use both resources if they have defensive and offensive properties fills...
  2. FlawlessVictor

    Your anual PC and console game consumption

    How much are you willing/able to spend on video games each year? Do you pay full price, buy used, or wait for a price drop? This year, I spent less than $200, since there are not many games that interest at the moment. But it usually it falls in the $200-300 range. I usually buy used games...
  3. FlawlessVictor

    Games That Didn't Stand The Test of Time

    After going back to playing some older games, there are some titles that are over a decade old that I still enjoy to this day. Unfortunately, there are also games that I replayed out of nostalgia and realized I didn't enjoy them as I once did. Are there any games that you feel that didn't age...
  4. FlawlessVictor

    Video Game Boxart

    They say you can't you judge a book (or game) by its cover. However, a nice cover could attract the attention of a potential buyer as they browse around. Anyways, are is there are any video game boxart that particularly catches your eye? Are there are specific versions that you prefer? Share...