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  1. 10902SMOKE22234

    Favorite/Funniest Game Difficulty Names.

    Post your favorite sounding difficulty name from a certain game in this thread. It can either be your favorite for being badass sounding or just hilarious. One of my favorites is the "Can I play daddy?" difficulty from Wolfenstein3D. It even shows BJ's face with a baby bib and pacifier when...
  2. 10902SMOKE22234

    Komic: Message to the past.

    Raiden tries to send another message and it screws up reality, time, and existence as we know and the universe turns into a bunch of garbage.
  3. 10902SMOKE22234

    Some of my Avatars I created.

    Just a few things I made. "Autographed" version of Cage Avatar.
  4. 10902SMOKE22234

    Fanart: Johnny Cage's High School Pic.

    Just a little something I made. Seems like he used to be a nerd just like other people.
  5. 10902SMOKE22234

    Fanart: Babality? + Bonus.

    A funny little pic I made. And also another random thing I made.
  6. 10902SMOKE22234

    Mortal Kombat Matches Later.

    A funny pic I made.
  7. 10902SMOKE22234

    List of CT Challenges?

    Is there a list of each each Challenge in the Challenge Tower? Like a text based list that lists every number challenge and that gives a description of what happens in it? Thanks.
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    "The Fresh Prince of the NetherRealm." (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lyric Parody.)

    "The Fresh Prince of the NetherRealm." (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lyric Parody.) I thought it would be funny to do this... Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I liked to take a minute Just sit right there I'll tell you how I became prince of the...
  9. 10902SMOKE22234

    What are you doing for Mother's Day?

    If you're going to get your mother a gift for mother's day then tell what you're going to give to her for Mother's Day. I'm interested to see what you do for her. I'm making an HTML document that says "Happy Mother's Day" on it and carry the document to her computer with a Flash Drive and make...
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    Drawing: Shao Kahn Head Smash

    Johnny Cage gets his skull busted wide open.
  11. 10902SMOKE22234

    My Reptile Drawing.

    This is a drawing of Reptile, tell me what you think.
  12. 10902SMOKE22234

    What did your First Avatar Here Look Like?

    What did your very first avatar look like when you first joined this forum? It might bring back some memories to look at some of them. Mine was just Scorpion's cut out from MK2:
  13. 10902SMOKE22234

    Fake Fataltiy: Baraka's Ultimate Autopsy.

    What do you think?
  14. 10902SMOKE22234

    Reptile Doodle.

    This is a Reptile Doodle I made in MSPaint.
  15. 10902SMOKE22234

    Does Anyone Here Play any Instruments.

    Does anyone on this forum play anything at all? I've been playing Guitar for a year and have been playing a little drums.
  16. 10902SMOKE22234

    Advertisement Within Posts?

    I just went on the forum today and I noticed there were ads right in the posts that were made. Is there any way to disable this?