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  1. DCR

    Code Trading Not Allowed

    During the aftermath of the MK9 release, the TRMK staff collectively made the decision that trading DLC/unlock codes would no longer be permitted, and at least for now, this still stands. So the next time another topic pops up asking about this, I'm not gonna close the thread and give you a...
  2. DCR

    Forum Awards 2011: The Winners

    Okay, so I know you all have either been waiting patiently or totally forgot this thing even happened in the first place. At any rate, here we go... TRMK's 2011 Forum Awards as voted on by YOU! A.K.A. "If I don't like the results it's my own damn fault" Sexiest Male Member TaBB3rnackle92...
  3. DCR

    Code Trading Threads No Longer Permitted

    As many of you may or may not have noticed, all existing threads for trading classic costume codes and the like have been axed. Unfortunately, some members have been taking advantage of others via these threads, and as a result we've received numerous complaints. We won't allow our members to be...
  4. DCR

    This really isn't even worthy of its own topic, but I just had to share...

    I was just browsing through the metal news for the day, and happened across an article for a band called ABACABB. That's right, it's a band named after the blood code from the Genesis version of MK1. The music itself is generic deathcore stocked with plenty of blatant chugga-chugga breakdowns...
  5. DCR

    New Video: Interview/Joker's Fatality

    GameTrailers has a new interview up with footage of The Joker's special moves and fatality, as well as a brief demonstration of the Rage mode: Figures. The first time I get to see Kitana in action and she's taking a bullet to the head.
  6. DCR

    Gamespot's MK vs. DC Preview

    Just saw this posted over at Gamespot (I guess they're jumping the gun as well) and figured I'd start a new thread so people don't have to dig for it:
  7. DCR

    Character conflicts/storylines you want to see

    Alright, so I've been getting much more in the mood to discuss MK again lately and have been thinking, among other things, about certain character conflicts (i.e. Sub-Zero/Scorpion, Kitana/Mileena, etc.) and how many of them have been sort of dropped or simply not explored to the full extent...
  8. DCR

    Search results only go back a couple months?

    I've done a couple searches for older threads recently and there doesn't seem to be any results that come up prior to January or February of this year. Is that because of the server switching or is it something else? I was just wondering because, well, it kinda sucks when you tell someone...
  9. DCR

    General Discsussion?

    I noticed this a little while ago, but I was just kinda hoping it'd get fixed or someone else would bring it up. There's a typo in the forum title for MK Deception General Discussion (it says "Discsussion"), and rather than just PM one of you guys, I thought it'd be better to embarrass you all...
  10. DCR

    Fake: DC's actually contributing to the art forum?!

    Yeah, I know I pretty much avoid this particular forum most of the time, but I guess I'm changing that starting now. I'll briefly set this thing up: Kitana needs a new frigging fatality. Enough said. This is the third fake of any kind I've attempted; not my third "official" fake, my third...
  11. DCR

    The Official Fear Factory Thread

    I know there are at least a few Fear Factory fans here, so I figured 'what the hell, how about a Fear Factory thread?' They've been one of my favorite bands for years and they have a new album coming out on August 23rd called "Transgression", so let's discuss; list the FF albums you own, your...
  12. DCR

    Scorpion in Earthrealm

    The first time I played Konquest mode, I found Scorpion in a hut somewhere (in Earthrealm). My character said "oh no, I've been caught", and then Scorpion gave me some message thing and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The message was apparently addressed to the Shirai-Ryu (Scorpion's clan) and...