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  1. Tanyas Husband

    Fallout Shelter

    So. Does anyone else play this? I've gotten a bit addicted to it since last week. It's a winless game and it's not exactly fun, but it catches you like a fish until you just get bored and delete it. Anyway. I've gotten 83 people in my vault with like 15 other women pregnant. I wanted to see if...
  2. Tanyas Husband

    Would You Ever Want To See a SCVI?

    As you fellow SC fans know, Project Soul thought it would be a wise step to kill off half of the biggest names of the game, (Taki, Sophitia, Cassandra, etc) and replace them with Knockoff characters to replace their spots. (Natsu, Pyhrra, Patroklos, etc) After this big change, half of the...
  3. Tanyas Husband

    Should the intro dialogue return?

    We've had style-posing intros in MK4, introducing battle-cry intros in MK9, and now we have the best feature of intros MK has had (IMO), Intro Dialogue. Not only have they been intro dialogues, but they have been character specific per character. Example: Mileena: "You stole outworld from me!"...
  4. Tanyas Husband

    Recording MK4 PC Playthrough..How?

    So, I just got MK4 for my PC and it works like a charm, but I really need help and I can't seem to find ANYTHING online about my question. I see people on youtube on MK4 PC and they do full arcade playthroughs. I really want to do that, but I don't know what I would use that would record my...
  5. Tanyas Husband

    Any Way To Play This on Computer?

    Mortal Kombat 4 is by far my favorite game, even more than MK9 and MKX. [My own opinion] As most of you know, I don't have a PS3 anymore, and I'm working to get a PS4. I've seen a lot of people playing MK4 on their computers, but I've seen no computer version in stores. Is there somewhere I...
  6. Tanyas Husband

    Favorite New Arena?

    So, we have a handful of brand new Arena's to choose from. Emphasis on a handful. Are there any of these that actually make you think, "Hm, I'll remember this arena for games to come." Which of the new ones are your favorite?
  7. Tanyas Husband

    Cameo Faction Kills

    So, as we all know, the Lin Kuei faction has a Smoke cameo faction kill. How would you guys feel if we had 1 NPC character-cameo faction kill per faction? Currently, it seems that smoke is the only cameo kill. I would personally have loved to see something like the SF faction have Cyrax, or the...
  8. Tanyas Husband

    Liu Kang Official Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Wow, I noticed there is absolutely no Liu Kang gameplay thread. Just one about his attitude. Where are all the Kang mains at? Aldo, I know you're lurking. Liu Kang Variations: Dragon's Fire- The Dragon's Fire Variation is sure to please loyal Liu Kang fans as it most closely resembles the...
  9. Tanyas Husband

    Jason Lives! - May 4th - 3PM CDT - Official Stream Thread

    Official Discussion thread for the Variation Breakdown stream for DLC Character - Jason. Twitch Link:
  10. Tanyas Husband

    Tanya Mod

    Not sure if anyone posted this, but I found these videos on YouTube from some well-known MK Modders. Was having a discussion about this in another thread so I thought it might deserve some discussion of its own. [Tanya Mod doing Fatalities] [Tanya Mod GAMEPLAY in 300th Challenge] I'd like...
  11. Tanyas Husband

    Favorite Faction Kill

    I'm surprised this Topic was not presented yet, but as the topic says, Most of us have the game now, so I ask you, which Faction Kill is your favorite, in no particular faction order? [See below for most faction kills, but missing quite a few.] Which faction kill is your absolute favorite?
  12. Tanyas Husband

    Accidental Brutalities

    In the short time I've been able to play MKX, I noticed that a lot of times, I do brutalities on accident. I wouldn't say it annoys me, but it happens at times that I'd rather wait til the end of the round to do a fatality. So 2 questions, 1. Has this little 'issue' happened to you yet? 2. Is...
  13. Tanyas Husband

    All things Tanya! - Official Diskussion Thread

    TANYA Original Timeline Bio: "Tanya is a slender, gloomy woman from Edenia. Originally introduced as relatively innocent, she quickly turned out to be corrupted by evil, as evidenced in her adherence to the worshiping of Shinnok which also made her an ally to Shinnok's dangerous, religious...
  14. Tanyas Husband

    Sorcery Material

    (First of all, how can Shinnok not have one thread?) I wonder how exactly they're gonna make Shinnok differ from Quan Chi. Usually they could make them pretty different, but in MK4 Shinnok was basically another mimic character, and in MKA, Shinnok and Quan Chi were very similiar in terms of...
  15. Tanyas Husband

    Armageddon will still happen, right?

    Just thought about this. So since we're still going by that story concept, isn't Taven and armageddon still set to happen sometime in the future? Will NRS end up coming to this story again and finding some type of excuse to brush it off and continue stories, or will they just completely ignore...
  16. Tanyas Husband

    Grammys on Sunday

    Whose tuning in? I am. I really want to see Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj finally get the grammies they deserve. I want to see Sam Smith win best new artist. And I can't wait to see Rihanna perform in her usual oversexualized half nude outfits. So what are you expecting to see and who do you want...
  17. Tanyas Husband

    Where can I find MKTE?

    Mortal Kombat : Tournament Edition for Gameboy. It's the final game in the franchise that I don't own. I want to order it online, but the only VALUABLE source I can think of is Goozex and Amazon. Goozex is shut down since last year. On Amazon it's $199.95 , for some reason. Is there any place...
  18. Tanyas Husband

    The Krypt

    Any idea if The Krypt is being brought back in MKX or not? I haven't exactly been present in the past year here so I don't know if this was talked about by the old man himself or not.
  19. Tanyas Husband

    Future Possibilities for Raiden

    [Comic Spoiler] I wonder how much he'll change physically wise and how much he'll change mentally. I have the strange hunch that something will happen and he will be changed forever in the story..Just a feeling. What do you think might happen in the story? Will we have another 'kill-off'...
  20. Tanyas Husband

    Ferra/Torr's Races and Clans

    If already revealed, what are the races of these 2 new characters? And if not, what do you think they are? Are they some sort of newer members of the BoS, or some new clan being introduced in the storyline of the new MKX? I'm extremely intrigued to see where they go with this character. The...