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  1. boJac

    Newsarama script review

    Newsarama takes a look at part of the MK vs. DC script. Sounds promising.
  2. boJac

    Star Trek!!!

    They just released the first images from the new (Highly Secretive) Star Trek film, coming out in May! I just had a geekgasm! :party: The crew. Nero, the bad guy. Kirk and Spock sharing an intimate moment. A new ship, the USS Kelvin, under fire. On the bridge...
  3. boJac

    RIP Paul Newman

    Paul Newman died yesterday. He was 83. In addition to his numerous achievments, Gil Kane drew from actor Paul Newman in creating Hal Jordan's likeness, which I always thought was cool. Truly, Hollywood has lost one of it's best.
  4. boJac

    The Force Unleashed

    It's pretty fun. Except I'm pulling that damn Star Destroyer out of the sky right now. It's soooo annoying. But other than that I'm liking it a lot right now.
  5. boJac

    The Final Cylon

    Any BSG fans here? If so, does anyone have any theories as to who the final cylon is? I'm leaning towards the incredibly obvious Dualla.
  6. boJac

    MKast's 2 character reveals

    I am STOKED for Captain Marvel! Liu Kang is awesome, too!
  7. boJac

    The Journey Begins

    I found a copy of this at the Dollar store yesterday. I was looking through the VHS bin and WHAM, the Dragon Logo just jumped out at me. I was like, "I need to buy this." I haven't watched it yet because I'm lazy and have yet to hook up my VCR, but I took it out of the plastic and a coupon for a...