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  1. Zer0degreez

    Next Most Popular Female DLC

    Alright guys, There seem to be a lot of fans wanting Sindel, Sareena, Li Mei and Frost as the next Female DLC. Especially, since they're all in the Story of MKX. Now let's just say that the Silhouettes turn out to be a troll placeholder (God Willing) where the DLCS could be 'Anyone' and Not the...
  2. Zer0degreez

    Petition to Get NRS to Do the Last Gen Port Themselves

    Well, I'm sure most of you here who were hanging on for the Last Gen port have heard the bad news that it has been Cancelled. This really sucks but all is not lost...yet. Something may still be able to be done, remember how long MK9 took to get on the Vita? And while it didn't 'Look Great' it...
  3. Zer0degreez

    Fire & Ice - Slight SPOILERS

    Given that both NRS has the funding now and that Kuai Liang and Hanzo Hasashi have made peace, how would you feel about NRS reigniting the proposed Fire and Ice game? Personally MKMSZ and MKMSM are two of my favourite games, I loved the game play (MKMSZ's not too hard once you get past the...
  4. Zer0degreez

    Sub-Zero's Best Fatality

    I'm sure a poll like this has been done in the past but given the recent news of Klassic fatalities returning in MKX and that some fans including myself would like to see something other than the 'spine rip' return from him. I'm interested in finding what people think is his best fatality, I'm...