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  1. ByrdBrain

    Iwata passes away at 55 he may have made decisions i personally don't get but I had to respect him for all that he's down for Nintendo he will be missed
  2. ByrdBrain

    which mkx newcomer should i draw?

    Kinda confused who to draw first so ill let y'all decide Few notes It will be full body The picture will be on 14x17 bristol board I might draw them all it just depends on my mood and their ranking in the poll
  3. ByrdBrain

    Hiroshi Yamauchi passes away at 85 We have lost a great man
  4. ByrdBrain

    The underrated and the Overrated

    Whether it is a game, movie tv show, character, product you get from the store, etc what stuff do you feel gets too much love and what stuff do you feel gets shafted despite how amazing it is? Me Overrated Final fantasy 7 God of war series (mainly the 3rd one) Super Mario Galaxy 2 capcom...
  5. ByrdBrain

    Stuff you wanna do before you die.

    What are some things in this world (can be anything like traveling somewhere doing something extreme, or trying something new etc) before you pass? For me it's skydiving, traveling to Japan, and going to the Rio carnival in Brazil What are yours?
  6. ByrdBrain

    Hybrid Odyssey (a completely original story)

    Narrator 1:All righty boys and girls what we have for you is a tale of epic proportions Narrator 2: A tale that strikes a perfect symmetrical balance between action, drama, romance, and violence Narrator 1: Oh yes there will be blood, lots and lots of it cause that's what you young'uns seem to...
  7. ByrdBrain

    What Grinds your Gears, part 2

    Since the original one is gone that grnds my gears
  8. ByrdBrain

    Mort kombat test location in Japan This is rather interesting since it can possibly lead to an international release in Japan. What do yall think?
  9. ByrdBrain

    TRMK Rivalries

    This is the thread for all you disagree with or argue with alot but still respect at the same time Mines is IViTaL and Yung we haven't been at it much recently but at the same time we have each others backs and often go at it for shits and giggles.
  10. ByrdBrain

    Commercials worth watching

    since i haven't seen anything like this what are some commercials you like that you would watch over and over again because it's either funny or just plain cool to look at like always here is mines to start it off also the jack link's beef jerky messin with Sasquatch ads, all of them
  11. ByrdBrain

    ByrdBrain's crazy cast of OC's

    okay some of yall have already seen a few of em but i decided to show off all of the original characters i created for a long term goal i've wanted to acheive for some time (make a online comic) but i may start this off as a writing first as a starting platform for it but anyways here are some...
  12. ByrdBrain

    your favorite FIGHTS

    Thread for all of your favorite pugilistic showdowns rules are simple it can be a fight from movies, video games (cinematic no gameplay), flash animations cartoon shows, anime. also it can be one vs one two vs two one vs many etc I'll start it off with one of mine
  13. ByrdBrain

    A pribcess's Struggle

    wassup every one this is my new story which is a mix between Final fantasy an Mortal Kombat which also means it's gonna be a lengthy start but i assure there will be blood and mind the typo above i was in a bit of a rush to get it up Prologue In a world known as the Reaches a war of...
  14. ByrdBrain

    Favorite BGM of mk

    something that surprises me that hasn't been discussed but what is your favorite BGM of all time concerning mortal kombat? Mine is others are Evil temple(MK2) bank(MK3) Fire well(MK4) Sky Temple(MKD) Living forest(MK9)
  15. ByrdBrain

    Project mk fantasy ByrdBrain's next story

    since my first story is nearing completion i have decided to make a thread for my next project i don't have an official name for it but it is going to be a final fantasy themed mk (i will accept suggestions for a title) this is a thread for those who want to take part in the story and share...
  16. ByrdBrain

    Craziest plot twists in games ever.......

    the thread for discussing plots that screwed over your former view over games you have played be sure to put up spoiler tags for whatever game you mention I'll start as usual. Jak 2 and 3
  17. ByrdBrain

    The Whipping boy Thread

    this is the thread dedicated to all characters from movies comics tv shows and games that you like who seem to always get the short end of the stick regardless of whether they deserved it or not. i'll start it off Reptile(mortal kombat): as the main reason for secret characters you expect...
  18. ByrdBrain

    Title fight aka sony smash bros rumor thread

    Since no one has made a thread about this imma start. this is the thread devoted to the rumored Sony fighter. What are your thoughts would you approve of it or would it be a total flop personally it's a mixed bag for me. while i'm excited about the possibilty of duking it out with kratos and...
  19. ByrdBrain

    Favorite video game characters of all time your glad don't exist

    Which characters do you like so much but would rather have them stay in the fictional world? Example: Nightmare (soul Calibur) your a badass but the world dosen't need a demonic knight draining the world dry of souls
  20. ByrdBrain

    Most annoying/irritating enemies in video games

    Yeah the title explains it all. We all occasionally run into them for every action adventure shooter or rpg there is on particular enemy that is a total B**ch to slay. they either are ludicrously powerful cheap or just plain annoying to look at which. What enemies in video games really push your...