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  1. InterestingMK

    InteestingMK's Charaters for future novel

    InterestingMK's Charaters for future novel I'm currently trying to write a novel that was inspired by some characters I recently created. Tell me what you think of them. These profiles may be subject to change. John Blake Real Name: John Blake Occupation: Student, Secret detective...
  2. InterestingMK

    How you got your TRMK name

    Out of curosity, I was wonder how some of you people got your TRMK name. Was it original, based off a character, or did you just did the random name generator button? My name came from the fact that I think Mortal Kombat is quite an interesting game to play an learn about. And the MK part in...
  3. InterestingMK

    Tiny Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine by InterestingMK

    An 18 inch tall Mortal Kombat arcade my dad and I built. I added a START button to mine, so that you could pause the game whenever you needed to. I thank Samuel Seide for helping and the inspiration, I also thank a graphic printer named Mark for printing the graphics on the arcade.
  4. InterestingMK

    The last thing you post before you die.

    I was thinking that not everyone lasts forever. I wonder how it would feel to put up your last post before you die and no one takes over your account, leaving it at rest. I know it will probably be the worst day you and this website could have. I would try to make my post as meaningful as...
  5. InterestingMK

    Happy Wheels

    Best flash game on the internet. Made by Jim Bonni. On
  6. InterestingMK

    Is there any easy technique to do to every opponent that makes you win everytime?

    I haven't played Mortal Kombat 4, but there is an arcade machine in the area where I live. Anyone got any good techniques on how to easily win against any opponent you face, mainly because I want to save as many coins as I can rather than throwing them away.
  7. InterestingMK

    Anyone going to CAX 2012?

    Is anyone going to the CAX arcade expo in 2012? Here's the link to the website.
  8. InterestingMK

    MK vs DC fatality theme

    Does anyone have a sound recording of the MK vs DC heroes? To me, it's one of the best fatality themes out of all of them. I would love to add it in my videos.
  9. InterestingMK

    Fatalities from the loser's perspective

    I had a dream not to long ago. It was where Baraka would perform a fatality on the loser and my I was looking from the eyes of the loser. This should be a cool new feature in the future Mortal Kombat games to make it feel real. What fatalities do you think would be good from the Loser's...
  10. InterestingMK

    MK2 Emerald rumor

    There is a rumored character named Emerald. The picture below explains why it is virtually impossible to find her.
  11. InterestingMK

    MK2 (SNES version) Red Robin Glitch

    This character named "Red Robin" is a glitch where smoke would have all of his color, even his skin, would turn red. The description of him is on the picture. I hope this one becomes a real character in the future.
  12. InterestingMK

    How the Skarlet glitch might have happened.

    Skarlet was a glitch in MK2 where Kitana's blue would turn red. I have notice that Mileena's second player color is very similar to the one in the picture that started the rumor. My theory is that the glitch must have had something to do with Mileena's second player color being pasted onto...
  13. InterestingMK

    Sub Zero Win Pose Glitch?

    I was looking at some Mortal Kombat 2 pictures until I noticed something wrong with this one. I noticed that Sub Zero is doing Scorpion's win pose. Has anyone else ever done this before and if so, how?
  14. InterestingMK

    Mortal Kombat on WarioWare d.i.y.

    I was wondering if anyone had a DS and they own that game WarioWare D.I.Y. I have made some micro Mortal Kombat games on it and I'm terrible at making the music. I could exchange some of my micro games for some mortal kombat music on warioware.