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  1. Havok


    didn't see a thread for this so I though I'd make one anyone played this game? It's badass. I recommend it, it stars everyone's favorite creepypasta celebrity, Slenderman EDIT: yes it's free I can post a link to the download if I can find it again
  2. Havok

    Injustice merchandise thread

    post all merchandise you see in the web or at a retail store it won't be long until we have as much Injustice Gods Among Us merchandise as Mortal Kombat (2011). We might even get a spinoff comic book mini-series like Arkahm City did. from Mattel comes out in 2013
  3. Havok

    Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 confirmed
  4. Havok


    griefing is the act of making other gamers angry for ones own amusement here's some notable examples My worst experience of griefing was when me and one online-friend were playing l4d2 campaign on the Parish and this guy shows up when we where near the safezone. He starts signing "lalala...
  5. Havok

    Injustice confirmed characters

    so from the trailer it looks like Batman Harley Quin, Solomon Grundy, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash have made it in Looking forward to see who else makes it in to the final cut
  6. Havok

    Post here your Mortal Kombat "mains' history

    for the Mk games you owned in the past offcourse example: Deadly Aliance: Sub-Zero Deception: Havik, Darrius, Noob Smoke Unchained: Jax, Havik, Darrius, Jade, Noob-Smoke Armageddon: Stryker, Shao Khan vs Dcu: Green Lantern, Superman, Scorpion (2011): Stryker, Kitana, and Noob Saibot now post...
  7. Havok

    Epic Beard Tom-the movie

    you don't believe me? here is the trailer opinion: ][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  8. Havok

    "10 Horror Characters We want to See in Mortal Kombat' - IGN
  9. Havok

    Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2011

    definitely deserves a thread of its own. it's today, let's see how bad the scripting is this time.
  10. Havok

    Anticipation Guys/Gals done by Havok

    yes I am a Havik fan, and I'm so excited for his return, i want to see the classic Havik from Deception but with new moves, grotesque moves anyways here's an fsjal I made today and I felt like sharing P.S. I take requests
  11. Havok

    this might be just me but...

    I noticed alot of new comers to online play in mk9 I'm looking for a match in ranked and 1 out of lets say 10 times I find someone with a "weak" record I also noticed Kung Lao users in average got worst wdhat gives?
  12. Havok

    is it wrong for me to hate running in races?

    I am used to running in treadmills not in actual races, I'm just scared of thinking how much I'll have to run, so I dont think I will do good in a 10k run, I just dont want to go but it's for a good cause so I'll run it anyways I just wish it was a 5k so what do you guys think
  13. Havok

    What are your Favorite Game Tunes

    me I personaly like this two found on fight night champion oh and this one found on left 4 dead 2
  14. Havok

    Mexican Independence Day :D

    Today marks the anniversary of El Grito de Dolores, the day us mexican people celebrate the revolutionary war with Spain, after being brutaly murdered and raped by the Conquistadores. Short story long, we won :D this one goes out to you Mexico:beer:
  15. Havok

    Starting to think we might see MK Trilogy again

    I for one wouldnt mind downloading mk trilogy if its ever available be it in this or the next generation of consoles in 4 years or so. Maybe if they took some infinites out just for it. And reptile's/ khameleons auto combos. 2v2 might be fun. still I want to know what you guys think oh and I...
  16. Havok

    Hair Styling Products

    which styling hair product do you prefer Hair gel, hair spray, or styling mousse this is hair gel COPY N PASTE ALL THE WIKIPEDIA! here is the site if you want it this is hair spray and lastly styling mousse what is my preference you ask. after...
  17. Havok

    Mortal Kombat Post Armageddon

    *Silence voids the realm for many miles. A scavenger eats of a dead shira ryu member's corpse.* There have been many powerful warriors throughout the milenia. *hard foodsteps are heard and the volture dashes off* But ages of Mortal Kombat have begun to tear the fabric of the realms. *A...
  18. Havok

    Is the gameplay MKAK going to be exactly like the original games

    Is NRS going to add new moves, patches, etc anything that changes gameplay? Or is it going to be exactly the same? Can I still do only uppercuts like when I was five? (don't answer that one) I dont want to learn mk1-umk3 if I'm going to have to learn something different.