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  • Yes I do. I even play it competitively. I have traveled to many tournaments out of state for Smash. But for Melee only. I absolutely hate brawl.
    Thanks man, I may mess up some things here and there, but I'm not afraid to admit I farked up when such a thing occurs. I think that's my real strong point, Even a 80 year old man who's gone to school his whole life can still be taught something.
    Just want to say you are the most mature/intelligent 16 year old I've ever met. I use to have low hopes for schooling in our generation... but then I run into you and Toxic. Wtf.
    Oh, so you're more intrigued by older literature?
    Can't really ever say that stuff strikes my fancy, I have a hard time deciphering that old dialect of "thous" and stuff like that :laugh:
    But I've never had a chance to read Memoirs, although the author is Arthur Golden.
    You mentioned physics before? I excelled in Physics :cool:, partly because my teacher did such a great job at explaining it.
    I kept all my notes in his class, still got em.
    He was a Navy Nuclear Engineer before he became a teacher, so he knew his game.
    I must really recommend the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
    I too, only read what was assigned to me at school; but we had lots of library time.
    Grew up on Goosebumps and stuff but I'm more of a drawer than a reader, although I appreciate all things that take hard work and skill to craft.
    Anyways, It was my Junior year in high school and I was assigned "Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of Baskervilles."
    I've been hooked on Sherlock ever since, I have a two book anthology of Doyle's tales of Sherlock and Watson.
    Reeeally captivating stuff, and if your a fan of the movies first, then you can appreciate the action in it, as well.
    Hahahaah :laugh: Both spidermans stole the show, that was insane!
    And the Iron Man booty shake made me lol.
    The funniest thing was no one cheered haah :rofl:
    I like Applejack and Rarity quite a bit, too.
    My favorites are Luna and Ditzy/Derpy.
    It's really hard to decide between the two, so I won't lol.
    Out of the mane six, I'd probably say Fluttershy is my favorite.
    Bah, don't worry about changing the way you post, I like your posts, and they are rather refreshing from the norm. We have many great members here, I really do <3 everyone, but it is nice to see posts that have a lot of substance to them so I personally very much welcome your posts! It was just the scenario of taking things into your own that I was mainly referring to. That tends to get people into more trouble, lol, but your posts as a whole are fantastic.
    Not a problem, you are doing just fine, like I said, but some people take intellectual posts as 'this person thinks he is better than I am', lol. It's a young community and not all of you speak at the same level, which is no disrespect to anyone, it is just easier to look at an intellectual individual in jealousy because of their vocabulary, ha.

    No need to apologize, all is well =)
    You have to understand that the way you word your posts, you apparently come across as arrogant to some people.

    It's not my call, so I can't explain it to you, just relaying info, is all, though my main target when I suggested 'ease up' was for posts like the ones you made in the pony thread, and I believe I saw a few of your posts in debates a few weeks back. People just find them a little arrogant. I am not saying you are trying to be that way, just passing the info, so don't kill the messenger =), though I can somewhat understand why they would think so.

    You are otherwise a fine member, so keep it up, just remember to report anything that goes against the rules =)
    I've had a few complaints about your posts in general so just ease up on the way they come across to people. They appear arrogant (not me saying this, many other people).
    If no one is interested, that doesn't mean that he can't make posts about it. Just skip it if you don't want to talk about it.

    Not sure what is so hard about that.

    No need to further discuss it, really....
    I saw the thread in which you spoke down to him. Flaming/trolling is not allowed here, and you would have known that if you read the rules =) If he wants to talk about another generation of MLP, he is free to do so in the thread. You are not in the position to tell him 'no one wants to hear it'.

    An 11 year old kid doesn't know any better so, yeah, there was no need to be rude to him in the thread, or in a message, and you should have reported his message if it were rude.

    ~Thanks =)
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