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  • Good luck dude, waiting to see your models in a game then :p

    And I don't watch wrestling anymore (used to be a fan back in the 90s when I was a younger). But I am a junkie for creation modes in games and WWE SVR's has one of the most advanced creation mode I've seen in a game.
    lol I think he uses a program like that beacuse I had a woman wrestler and I remember him using a jill valentine (from resident evil) model to start from XD

    Your work looks cool, inspecially since its from scratch, you can notice the extra effort in the quality of it :p
    I really like yhe models you made. Took a minuted to check that page of yours out :D.

    I knew a guy that made models and stuff just like you (made me a model of the wrestler you saw in your topic, I don't have the model anymore since we got hacked on that site lol)
    Anyway I thought his stuff was sick back in the day but yours looks better, IDK how to explain but the textures and stuff look better not as blurry as others I've seen =]
    I'm really interested to see how your Ice man will look :D
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