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  • Thank ya, and it's great. Save the fact I should've been on leave weeks ago. They have me stuck in battalion holding while I'm waiting for my hard copy orders to Japan.
    Sup girl! How's it been? Saw some of your nice beach pics. I hope to go in a beach before summer is over.
    I don't welcome back anybody. When you step into the King's castle you present yourself to He not the other way around, as is the case here.

    Welcome back
    Yay! Your back! :love: Everything is great over here, I feel so patriotic with the Olympics going on haha! How have you been, love?
    I guess stuff works different for different hair, lol. It made my hair nice and soft, something I hadn't had for a long time.

    I just hate my natural color, it's a boring light brown. I don't ever want to see it again, lol.
    hahaha, oh my god, I had the same issue with my red hair. I had to color it at least once a week because it always fades to that ugly orange tint and I hate that shit. The best red I ever had was Jessica Rabbit red with pinkish-red highlights. It happened by accident because my hair was brown and I had blonde highlights. Looked goddamn awesome <3

    There is another one I use (shampoo and conditioner), but now my mind is drawing a blank because I haven't used it in a while but it was really, really good.....oh, wait, I think it was called Tresemme or something. Big bottle for $7 but worked awesome. I also used Balea and that one made my hair smell sooooo good and it was super soft. I used the one in honey a few times, I think it was.

    I can't believe my hair hasn't fallen out yet, lol, I haven't seen the natural color since I was 14.
    HEY BABY, I used to use Feria but I found one called Gosh and I stick to that one. It stinks when you first put it on but it doesn't fade at all for the looooongest time. It also depends on your color, though, obviously. Red is the worst color to get in any brand, sadly. No matter what, it will always fade as soon as you wash it. I stick to jet black now so I never have a problem.

    My hair products, I use both Dove and Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners. My hair was owned by dying it forever but these two brands make it all nice <3
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