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    Smoke Spotted ? Could be a dummy/placeholder but it looks pretty detailed, what do...
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    New MK Project To PS Vita!/hecterrific hecterrifc''We're excited to finally talk about our new project #rad RT @xHISx: One of highlights: There will be new Mortal Kombat on PSVITA. :)'' What You Think
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    Klassic Ermac Giveaway (PS3) From MKICEVSFIRE Youtube Channel !

    1:Kreat A Youtube Account IF You Dont Have one 2:Subscribe To MKICEVSFIRE Channel 3:Comment Why You Want It Good Luck For Everybody
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    OH SH-- Hackers Threaten Sony WHAT THE FU--
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    How many times in a week you check trmk?

    i check it everyday
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    What old school fatality you would like to see in the new mk ?

    i would like to see noob saibot UMK3/MKT Fatality
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    MK Alternate Costumes Leaked

    i has browssing some mk videos about leaks and stuff and i found a video on the MKICEVSFIRE channel
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    hard decision

    i was going to buy MK Kollector Edition but there will be more releases this month i was thinking to ge Mortal Kombat 9 ,Portal 2 and Socom 4 can someone tell which choice is better ? and should i get socom 4 cus i has going to get crysis 2 EDIT:i also forget to mention one litle problem i...
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    Worst MK Game Ever

    What game your think is the worst of the mk series i think is special forces
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    Did the leaks ruined your mk experience ?

    well a lot of people who read the spoilers are very disapointed (i also am ) i read a bit of the spoilers about the story and i feel guilty for have read it , it ruined my experience
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    What is your favorite klassic mortal kombat game?

    mine is Mortal Kombat 2 i love UMK 3 the gameplay is the best part of it , but i prefer MK2 because of the Athmospere What is your favorite and why :)