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    3rd time is the charm!?

    Some of you might know what i'm referring to, others may not. I just wanted to share that this is the 3rd system from Microsoft that i have won. Last time it was this... back in 2013. I don't have pics anymore of the 360, but i believe both threads are here on TRMK somehwere.
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    Tomb Raider [Series]

    Oh how Lara has changed over the years!
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    It's back!!! Mountain Dew Xbox giveaway!

    Some of you don't know, but back in 2005 i won an xbox 360 as well as Patrick McCarron on Well starting this September 30th is giving away an xbox one every 2 minutes Starting November 5th. Maybe i can do what i did 8 years ago... I refer to this...
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    GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

    GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is set for a 2011 Fall release date.
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    Best Buy! is having a buy 1 get 1 free on select DVD TV shows! OFFER is good until 2-11-2006 online only! The following are included: Seinfeld Soap Stargate Married With Children Dawsons Creek Good Times Sanford and Son All in the Family Outer Limits King Of Queens Rescue Me NewsRadio
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    Xbox 360... Every10minutes Prizes pics inside!

    Well, today i received the party pack. Inside it included the following: Winners card... 10 invitations... 2 coupons for free soda! 5 hats... Back of the hats... A bottle of MDX... 5 Shirts... Back of the shirts... Now i wait to post pics of the Xbox 360... should be next week...
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    Underworld: Evolution

    You can read more about it here!
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    You can read the story at
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    Like OMG!!! I won an XBOX 360!!!

    I'm soo nervious... ok, let me explain. Well, last night i entered 459 points in the drawing for 7:40am... Well, this morning when i checked the drawing for 7:40am, and the winner is from Rochester Minnesota!!! Now i have tp wait atleast 72 hours to find out if it was...
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    [Quiz] Which Halo 2 Character are you?

    Click here! I got: Which you should just use this code. http: // But delete the space after the http: And post as an image to get:
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    Has anyone else seen this movie yet? It's a muct see for Will Ferell fans!
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    Any good christmas CD's?

    Anyone know of any good christmas CD's?
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    Well, today my record was reset to 0/0... I dunno why, i'm not a cheater... :?
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    Xbox live cheaters no more!

    Now when your opponent quits, you get the win! No more cheating, unless they unplug their connection... perhaps?
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    Live Tournament... Round 1!

    Ok... the match-ups are as follows: GuiltyByDesign (GuiltyByD3sign) vs MKChick (miseht) whatashame (whatashame) vs Ethix (Decrethix) billybob40 (MaV 40) vs Kounterfeit21 (Kounterfeit21) the_sim (miseht) vs mahalo (gk4) Jeffwin99 (MaV 40) vs Zagabulldog3 (shakez03) Rules: This is a best of...