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  • Aww Thanks :) I got PSN back for my B-Day so I'm happy lol. Still waiting for my State to pop up but it's close
    Hello again!

    We are currently working on a 'how to' guide so it isn't up yet but if you want to:

    Post Pictures ---> Upload your picture to a host. Try, it is free! Just upload and then copy and past the URL between the tags [*img][/img*] but you have to remove the two *, I just put them there because if I don't, you wont be able to see the tags.

    Post a Youtube Video ---> Between the tags [youtube*][/youtube*] (again, remove the 2 *), put the part of the video URL that follows the =. For example,

    See the part that is green? That is the only section you need to copy and paste between the youtube tags.

    I hope that is not too confusing! We hope to have that guide up soon but if you need any further help, feel free to ask me!!
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