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    So guys and gals...

    What happens in 10 days? Yesterday Ed Boon was tweeting and replacing Ls with 1s when he could. He only did it it he could make an 11 somewhere. Now today same thing but only if he can make a 10. Im assuming tomorrow g or p will end up being 9s. So whats in 10 days?
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    Timeline Speculation

    Let's have a real conversation that doesn't involve anyone trying to pass off their own fantasies as fact, okay? Awesome, now that I've already set the bar way too high for most of you, I would like to exercise some brain muscles with you all. I see a lot of people stating how "X will be too...
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    Possible Cheating?

    I've been playing ranked as much as possible, and I keep a good eye to the XBox Live leader boards for 1v1 ranked.. So I look and notice xDLWx Legendary was 8 game away from 1000 played.. So I decided I would send him a gratz when I saw him hit it. So I played two more, and he was there. I go...
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    Official Complaints Thread

    All right, I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but I think its time to be done. I'm tired of the numerous amounts of threads with complaints. So I think we should put them all here instead of making a thread for it. Umad cause there's no new characters? Umad cause their head size is off in...
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    UMK3 for 360

    Who wants to get face rolled at UMK3 for 360?
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    Severed testicles?

    To some people the above title describes that which would hurt very bad and is something we don't want to think about, or see in our beloved video games. To others its something that gets randomly tossed into more than half of the fatalities they create as they wish endlessly that close to all...
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    Ed Boon tweets a hint?

    Don't taze me bro! I mean, to the normal person he's quoting a YouTube video, but to us.. Could there be something more to Raiden coming soon?
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    One Handed Winner

    Mortal Kombat: Incredible talent at EGS. The Mortal Kombat tournament was won by an all-star player who beat even our own Hector. The most amazing part - the winner only has one arm so did it all one-handed! Our fans are awesome! One arm and beats a guy who gets paid to play it. I'm guessing...
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    Just saw this on Boon's Twitter page, noobde "TMIT: Just watched & commented on the next (video) MKast. This is going to be a good one! Good guests!" Not sure what TMIT means, it's been on all of his posts today lol anyone wanna help out with that one? But yeah, I didn't see anyone else...
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    All You Guests

    I see like 40+ of you all trolling but not posting. So join the site NOW and quit being an Intrawebz Mute. We want your company, input, and most importantly the extra post count. Join now.
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    Just Thinking..

    So I'm doing some counting, because I'm bored. And I'm like "hey let's try to figure out who I think will be in the game coming next year." So I get my spreadsheet open and start typing, and not counting boss characters, and hoping my math is correct... There's only like 25 characters in the...
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    UMK3 Tournament for 360 Live Arcade

    If you have it, which I'm sure if you're reading this and have a 360 you do, then let's get playing. I'll edit this message with the match ups when we get enough people, hopefully we can get eight, if not maybe will have a season type deal and seed people for it. ...RULES... 1) Have fun...
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    Motor Kombat

    Anyone want to have a go :) If so look for Jonesy in the Motor Kombat Only thing! I've yet to win :(
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    Kobra and D.King

    Anyone else seen the load screen with the Dragon King pointing at a kneeling Kobra?
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    I see it discussed, I see it argued, I see it brought up when it isn't even on topic, but I've not seen an actual topic on it, I didn't search either, sue me. So, keeping it as cool as you can, answer this question... Who is going to be the next boss? Will Onago win? Will the Deadly Alliance...