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  • lol, he is funny in every movie he is in! Even if the movie sucks, his parts are always good, lol.

    Welcome to the forum as well, I merged your thread with our new member welcome thread. We have a lot of great members so don't be afraid to jump into any convos =)
    I didn't mean it literally, lol. Just saying that they ruined it for those who were patient :)
    Sorry, blame the people who acted like dicks when they didn't get their way :/

    They didn't seem to understand that we aren't online 24/7. Then, people would change their title, and want a new one the next day.

    Your title will change as you post as well, anyway. Something to look forward to, I guess <.<
    We use to change titles for members but people ruined it because they got angry when it wasn't done 2 seconds after they asked. Sorry. The members who have a custom title asked for it back when we did it.
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