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    RIP Jack Tramiel (founder of Commodore and former Atari co-owner)

    from Joystiq: Anyone who was into gaming in the 80s either had a Commodore 64 or at least knew someone who did. It wasn't the first device to cross the divide between PCs and console gaming, but it was one of the first commercially successful attempts. The C64 to this day has a devoted...
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    "You Know What's BS?" The Thread

    (thread title reference here ) Also known as "things in gaming that piss me off: the thread". So as some of you know, I'm an avid old school gamer. Right now my wall o' systems has a NES, Genesis/Sega CD, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, GameCube, PS2, Wii, and 360. Modern technology only made gaming...
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    The Official Post Your Desktop Thread

    Since we have a lot of creative people on these forums, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of art everyone has on their desktops. I'll kick it off with mine, my main computer is my mac mini and I have a great shot of the Pittsburgh skyline for my desktop pic. I really like...
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    MK console intros

    Just a little compilation of intro videos from some of the console MK versions. The "code of honor" screen from MK1 Genesis where you enter the code to enable blood (A,B,A,C,A,B,B) gI1uq9kV69A The famous "hidden" intro from MKII SNES with Kintaro beating up the Acclaim logo: 6VkNAxa8lWw...
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    Missing half of review on main site?

    I realize I may have been the only person in years to look at this page, but the review of the PSP version of MAT found here is missing part two. The link to the second part just goes to a page with a link back to the main TRMK page. Not a top priority for sure, just wanted to give a heads up.
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    Your MK confessions

    Was thinking about this the other day, thought I'd create a thread for something you've never shared regarding the MK series. Here's mine, and it may come as a surprise considering my username: I hated MK3. When it was released, I was stoked, MK 2 was (and still is) my favorite of the...
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    Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming soon?

    Kotaku lists the following Capcom events taking place during this year's Comic-Con: They seem pretty confident we're going to see some kind of expansion announced for MvC3. Seeing as that's been my favorite non MK game of 2011 by far, I'm pretty excited at that prospect.
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    MK9/NRS Appreciation Thread

    Sometimes we as a community of MK fans get a our feelings. That's ok, after all we're all passionate about MK as a whole, but I think it's also time to step back and give the NRS team their due. Yes, some things with the game aren't perfect, but they did resurrect the...
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    MK 4 on PSP and other forms of Portable Kombat

    So I recently was able to land a PSP finally, and as a lot of you know, it's possible to run PS1 games on it with minimal software modding. I have MK4 for PS1 so it was clear what had to be done. Turns out that not only does it work well, it almost seems like it runs better on PSP. I hadn't...
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    Ultimate Humiliation achievement question

    Went through and performed everyone's Babality like it requires and I noticed some aren't unlocking in the move list when I do them. I've done Sindel's at least 3-4 times now and still it doesn't show in the list. Am I missing something here? Do they have to be done in a certain mode to count? I...
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    What's the real story with John Tobias?

    We all know there was a rift between the MK co-founders that came to a head during the production of MK: Special Forces. Tobias wasn't happy with the direction the franchise was going (history showed he was correct on that point it seems) and he along with others from the original MK team left...
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    Giving props to the MK9 team.

    We've all posted things we may not like or wish were done better in the new game, but I think it should not be forgotten that by and large NRS hit a home run with this game. We diehards may not have wanted to admit it, but the MK series was in dire straits for a long time. As much as I...
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    Anyone else do this?

    Every time I do a stage fatality in the Dead Pool, I instinctively hit down to make the "oh-wah" sound from MK2 and I get sad every time it doesn't happen.....
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    Raiden in Story Mode

    ....kind of a dick, isn't he? Not sure if that was the intention, but it seems like everything he does in story mode ends up making things worse for everyone involved to the point where it sort of makes everyone following him look like a tool for staying around.
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    Boss Difficulty

    I've seen a few reviews of MK that make mention of the bosses being difficult, and not always in a positive manner, which made me wonder what everyone's opinions are on what makes a good end boss for a fighting game. Should they be someone ridiculously hard to beat unless you have top level...