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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    Yeah, I find it funny when a feminist says "Girl's bodies in video games are unrealistic!" I just point to all of the men in MK9 and how unrealistic and buff the men's bodies were. It's almost gross how buff some of the characters are in MK9.
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    Is Grandmaster cheap?

    I've been getting a lot of hatemail recently telling me that Grandmaster is cheap and I've seen a lot of threads on TYM before asking to nerf Grandmaster. So do you guys think he's cheap? I've found multiple ways around the clone that can happen in the corner and midscreen. For example some...
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    Emerald Reptile and Ruby Ermac

    EDIT: I should have put "mod" in the title. Sorry everybody.
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    Does anyone want to fight or start a KOTH?

    I'm really bored right now and I want to fight people from TRMK. Is anyone interested in a quick match or possibly a KOTH, Let me know. PSN: Rolling_Toaster.