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  • I haven't seen a reptile player place top 8 in a major ever since EVO2k11 :laugh:

    What other fighters do you play besides MK, are you on XBL or PSN?
    Oh dont get me started on cage lol. The funny thing is, i'll rather play a 1000 cage instead of facing a reptile. This match up will forever be my 10-0. Only the blind swordsman can help me save face...but since I rarely practice with him it just end up being the same slaughter :-(
    Yea, I really miss Pre-dash patch Sub :[

    Now almost everyone blows him up, especially the low hit box characters.

    Jumping in on Sub is a habit I have to break, Yea.. I main him and know him inside out but I can't apply what I know when fighting him. Especially with Mileena.. I trade Sais with Iceballs, I do random teleports on Wake up and roll into Ice clones when I know he's going to do them, but It sucks that Mileena doesn't have Armor on NONE of her EX specials. So she's forced to guess right against Cages frame traps :L
    Dude, I'm the same way. After I picked up Scorpion and I said F*** it and stayed with my main 4 :laugh:

    I play a mix of rush down and Keep away with Sub, I love his corner game. It's soo deadly. 2,1,2 and block confirm the Clone they're stuck there and I can just D+4 them until I condition them to block low and hit em with that Over head F+4 into Iceball. Easy Damage 8)
    My go to is Mileena :)love: )

    Secondary is Sub, below Sub is Kitana or Scorpion. I don't mind laming it out with Sub, but rush down is my favorite play style. I just hate that most of Scorpions gameplay revolve around the vortex, soo lame :C
    True that, but still. People there are a lot different from people here.. We're a more casual site and that's what made me stay here.
    Yea :laugh:

    I don't like TYM, too many assholes who think they know everything.
    Oh.. o-o

    Lol, Well I'm one of the few here who does know a lot about the game so I'm hoping to see you post more gameplay talk here :]
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