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    Will 'The Streak' end at WrestleMania XXX?

    The Undertaker will fight Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. Will he finally lose? I will say no. There is a possibility Undertaker may face Sting next year and that could be interesting but this year I don't see him having the streak ended by Lesnar. What do you think? Also, lol at...
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    Big announcement tomorrow - new game between NetherRealm and EA?

    Tiger Kombat Golf - calling it now...
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    Does it pay to be a pro gamer?

    The website gives an insight into what gamers earn for the games they play. Below are some examples. Note, these aren't the entire earnings for each player - just what they earned at the designated big tournaments. (You can click each graphic to make it easier to read)...
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    Hector Sanchez announces his retirement from Netherrealm Studios
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    Google Beatbox

    Did you know you could use Google Translate to Beatbox? Go to Google Translate - If you write a word like 'hello' in the left box and hover over the speaker icon you can see it says 'Listen' and it will speak the word if you press the icon. Now, copy and paste...
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    YouTube is horrible now

    Ever since Google took over YouTube they have made the interface worse and worse. Now they are forcing their Google + crap on you and the site is just horrible to use if you upload videos. I'm seriously looking at alternative video sites. :rant:
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    HD version of Shaolin Monks to download on the way...?

    Ed Boon's tweet. Could be trolling but I suspect he's not...
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    10.25.13 hotfix

    Main point of this is to fix the push block glitch. General - Rolled back a fix for input buffering in Advanced Controls which removes some unintentional Block Escapes that players were experiencing. Also: Zatanna - Combos after Levitate cancels are now capped at 3 instead of 2. Harley Quinn...
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    Barbie never did this...

    Um, uh, um, :wall:
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    Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Announced
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    Patch notes are released

    INJUSTICE PATCH 1.06 RELEASE NOTES General Changes/Fixes DLC Characters now in Archives – DLC Characters are now available in the Character Viewer located in the Archives. Offline Restart Match - From the pause menu of an offline versus match, you can now instantly restart the match...
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    Not everyone hates Superman...

    Herbert Chavez, a mild-mannered dressmaker from the Philippines, has spent 300,000 pesos and 16 years to turn himself into a real-life Clark Kent... He used to look like this: He now looks like this:
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    Injustice free on Xbox Marketplace Says it's the Moroccan XBL marketplace but people seem to be downloading it from all over. Don't know what regions it works in but might as well try if it's free.
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    Game of the Year Edition confirmed?

    Screen shot from British Blockbuster system. Says release date is 1st November. Shouldn't be taken as 100%. I would wait for more confirmation. Does have a code though.