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  • So I'm Mariana, I'm interested in Video games,Regular games,Music, etc. So tell what is a 12 year old like me doing here? lol. I'm not a geek though.
    Um I hate Mean comments on stories,try not to get on my bad side :]. I just loveeee the Twilight Saga! Omgg Omgg And One Direction!!!<3 Come on you just have to love them. Oh! and don't get me started about The Wanted and Emblem3!!!!. I'll be writing soon but for now I'll talk about Mortal kombat.So yeah I love Mortal kombat and all of It's characters, especially Scarlet.
    Hey guys so I'm Mariana! pretty new here on this day:12-22-12.
    I hope you guys will love my stories as I will do with yours :]
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