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  • Ok, what's your GFWL? :)

    I can't send you another PM:

    "Love Cowboy has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
    Yeah.. he's the site owner, used to go by Veljo, but he's been known as Sweetooth for a few years now.
    Yeah, she's currently a mod over at Kami, and she's dating the sites main Admin, so I don't think she'll return here.
    Probably nowhere :lol: I've only been using this screenname for a short while.
    Oh god :rofl:

    Hell of a way to welcome somebody back Cowboy :laugh:

    But also the best way :cool:
    Wasn't criticizing... just commenting. Also LOL at your admission that you're an attention whore. I thought that label used to piss you off?
    The Loftwing did take me some time to get used to, now I can soar like an eagle. If you like using guides use the guide at IGN, it is well done plus videos. I generally do not use guides I always use them for Zelda and collecting heart pieces.
    Well sir, it depends on how you play Dale.
    He can be a zoner or a rushdown character.
    Remember his Manitoba smoke attack does 13% damage used after pocket sand.
    I used to main him, but I've moved on to Peggy. Her boggle leg lock it working well in my favor.
    Patch Notes :cool:

    Peggy got nerfed again :x
    Bobby has three frames removed on start up for his fruit pie toss. (I could honestly give a shit less, Bobby is mid tier garbage.)
    Boomhauer has a new move, Smooth Pickup-line. Now this officially makes him even more over powered, which I didn't even think was goddamn possible, but it is. Writing to the developers about it as we speak.
    Hank's propane senses have been changed to a low attack, giving him better combo options.
    And John Redcorn got nerfed hard.
    Dale, Nancy, Bill, Kahn, Min, and Joseph remain more or less the same.
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