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  • (continued part 2)
    You also should get good at red slide upslash, after a anti-air dagger hit confirm. It's hard but if you really pay attention to it you can get it down. And those can also end into a 1,1,2 reset.

    If you're having matchup problems I can explain those but these are her basics.
    (Continued) If they block low they can hit you out of your F2,1,2,1+2 with uppercut ect cuz you'll whiff the first hit.

    If they do that though just overhead them. It's a mix up. The overhead one is high-risk, high reward. Up to you when to use it.

    Look at Skarlet's Frame data on Test your might. And you're gonna wanna find all her strings that end with either frame advantage or nuetral advantage. Those will be your pressure strings. You can also use the fear of the rest of your string, and cancel strings early, with red slide to continue pressure. Or you can dagger cancel strings and occasionally let the second dagger go other times dash cancel out of it.

    Know which moves hit which guys while they crouch. like F2,1,2,1+2 you will whiff people on beginning of the string against people if they crouch. but 1,1,2 should hit them.

    You also should use EX dash as a armored move to counter moves to make them afraid to attack you.
    Yeah don't follow that guide here it's outdated.

    Her best combos are her ones that end in 112. Because it leaves them standing.

    For instance here are some:

    U3(Dagger Cancel), 2,3Dagger(Hold) Cancel[Dash Forward] 1,1,2.

    B1,1,F4(Slide upslash), Dash, 2,3(slide downslash), Dash 1,1,2.

    F2,1,2,1+2(Slide upslash), Dash, F4(Dagger)(Hold Cancel) Dash, 1,1,2.

    now after 1,1,2. You'll want to always slide cancel it. ANd you can either do the low slide attack, Sneak in a EX overhead(If you think they'll block low).

    Or continue chip damage if they block high, and you got meter. F2,1,2,1+2 EX Dagger, Dash cancel, F2,1,2,1+2. Does like 19% in chip. Not sure of exact number but I know it's close to that. And you pretty much build most of that meter back.

    only do that if they stand block, it jails them.
    Talk to Critical limit about playi g skarlet, I never in my life attempted to main her.. And regret buying the season pass DLC :/

    Son/ Or Daughter (o_o)

    I'm so proud :cry:

    Keep up the good work man Lol, Glad to see that you're sticking with Mileena.
    It takes a little time broham, but you can do it though. You have to get rid of that mashing habit also.. In MK it's easy to tell when you can attack and when not too. Most people have gaps in their offense, and it's up to you to read them and exploit it. Some people cut strings short to apply pressure and force you to commit.. It's a mix up game, you have to guess "Will he finish the string? Or is he trying to Hit confirm into a combo?" Those are your two choices in most situations, No.. I'm saying you have to be prediction god or anything, but you have to read their patterns.


    Scorpion player 1,1s dash 1,1 Spear..

    Ok, So his pattern is 1,1 Dash 1,1 spear.. I can either Poke after the dash to get frame advantage and create counter pressure or block the spear for a full combo.. Just an example.
    Sorry for the late reply :laugh:

    I'm glad to hear that you're improving! keep me updated bro just incase you need more help or anything.
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