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    Koming Undone.

    (Hey! I just have ideas burst through my head and I've decided to post another story. I will update Daylight and Darkness as soon as possible. I am working on it right now lol. Now this is a very short, tiny morsel of a chapter and it is in first-person, this will be the only chapter in first...
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    Here is the artwork that I was rambling about earlier. Just a couple of rough sketches of my OC and Taven. I have other MK characters that I have drawn out too and I will post those later. Please forgive me for the quality I do not posses a scanner at the moment but I hope that you all like...
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    Daylight and Darkness.

    ((A/N: Hello! I don't usually do this and I'm a bit rusty on my writing so please excuse me if its kinda bad lol, I didn't know any other way to start it. Secondly, this story includes Taven as one of the main characters. I know a lot of people dislike him and I agree that his character could...
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    I <3 picture post threads. I hope the spoiler works lol.