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    Why do the 3D MK games tend to get hate compared to the 2D games?

    I don't get myself. I mean, MK9 didn't play too different from the PS2/Xbox trilogy, except it was in 2D and had no switching to other fighting styles. Maybe people feel they're too slow or people are too used to the 2D games. I really thought that Deadly Alliance was quite an improvement...
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    DLC Prices

    I think it's ridiculous, really. $5 for one character? They should have two characters at that price, not one. I mean, I thought said they were going to be cheap, so what's going on here? This is as bad as the DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, except for the two free costumes. I'm sure more people...
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    Konquest Mode

    So, this game lacks Konquest Mode and has Story Mode and Challenge Tower in it's place. The question is, if you this game had Konquest Mode, what would you want it to be like? I would have wanted something similar to Konquest Mod from Armageddon, but improved upon. Like maybe make it a little...