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    Everyone on trmk (every mk fan out there)

    Hey Ladies & Gentlemen, you must be a MK fan like me if you're on here! Now iv got a favor to ask, (from all of you) I live in Europe and play MKX on PS4 (xb1 isnt an option for me) I participated in the MKX Online beta & it was amazing! Played against my friends in the US without any problem...
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    MKXL HUGE stream @ my channel tonight!

    Hey guys my sponsor just dropped my MKXL for PS4 of at my place! Been in the talks with Twitch & NRS through WBGames, I have the green light to show it! Lucky 2 be a partnered streamer. EDIT: SUNDAY TOMORROW NOT TONIGHT! TONIGHT = KOTH DRINK STREAM! The time we will start is 7:15PM CET /...
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    Looking for a talented artist here on TRMK!

    Hey guys im going to keep this short, I know there is A LOT of talented people here on TRMK, now for the last year i've been thinking about it, and just made my choice, I want to expand on my tattoo's and want a full forearm 1 side black & grey sleeve. Is there anyone willing to make me a...
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    MK LEGACY 3 (almost here I just got told!)

    Hey guys! Im wondering who enjoyed MK Legacy 1 ? But Enjoyed Legacy 2 way more like I did? Well we all know its happening!! MK Legacy 3 is almost here supposedly. I didnt know it was almost done! WTF!? Because I was on twitter and tweeted Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa san (the famous Tsang-Tsung actor)...
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    Mkx all content released & unreleased + dlc rate it!

    With the successful release of MKX for PS4, Xb1 and maybe slightly well release on PC (but its fixed now, atleast most and playable) I want to hear what do you guys think! In your own opinion. With all the skin packs, Jason & Tanya released + all the awesome intro's & hidden brutalities packed...
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    Official Twitch - MKX Only streams!

    Are you also a streamer? Thats nice! Show the people here! Do you stream MKX about 4/5 days a week? Awesome let everyone know and share your gameplay(s) with our fellow TRMK dudes & dudettes. Its excellent if you want to ramp up your MKX skills, but maybe you're not a really good player but just...
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    [SPOILER] I dont always post threads, but when I do........

    I make you shit your pants, especially RAIN fans, thank me later Rain MKX playable leak. Dunno if unlockable or hidden fight. Im of to le bar and get real drunk lolool
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    Mortal Kombat X's Release date for PS4

    Hey everyone! Im a Twitch streamer and just got news (99% sure) that I might have MKX PS4 here @ April 11th (physical copy) I tend to get games early because I advertise some game companies when they send me games I ordered earlier then the official release date. I live in holland btw. It was...
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    Do you by any chance get your facts @ MCdonalds? Just wondering man, also the facts stated were wrong. Have you seen the numbers?