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  • Why'd you lock my thread you stupid ****ing piece of shit go jump off a mountain and die!!!!111!11!!1!
    Dude, what are you doing? You're the only mod here and you deleted my threads. However, I will say that you're doing your job well. You should be a super mod, unlike SOME dudes we know. Eh?
    Still? I PMd him last night about it and he told me that he would be good...I already gae him a warning. Looks like an infraction is needed. Wanna do the honors?
    I just saw it and laughed. I have no idea who this guy is and I don't even post over there so, yeah, lol. I can sense a ban hammer, at this rate!
    lmao, I got confused because of the real meat lovers pizza and I didn't know if you knew there was a pizza by that name and just happened to use the same title <.<
    Hey dude, can you explain your joke? I may be retarded in missing what the actual joke was, lol. Unless you meant meat as in penis <.<

    The real meat lovers pizza, though, I don't really like much. I like boring pizza like pineapple and broccoli <3

    I deleted the first one for obvious reasons. How smart is it to make another one after the first one was deleted? DURP DEE HURP.
    We be FILTHY.

    Makes the forum funny, though, haha. Not that my mind ever really leaves the gutter, though.
    I don't really see why you would, but if you do, I'll back you up on that. It needed to be said.
    Already done. I'm not going to even bother doing thread searches for other people anymore. Unless I know where it is off the top of my head, they can find it themselves.
    You're telling me, god damn. It's too much, man. I just want to yell at everyone to stop being retards.

    And why the hell aren't you on my friend list? Get on that *****.
    I feel awful having fun and you not being included :/

    Log on more, dammit!! That's two days in a row you missed out!
    Hey I heard you had a birthday! one more year closer to not being a teen anymore ;)
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