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  • Yes, I agree. It was $10. Seems pretty cool for $10. Some people are NEVER happy. I was just saying how internet anonymity makes people into jerks. Their attitudes are a reflection of the personal satisfaction they have in life.
    Best sandwich ever. Next to a Jill sandwich. If you want to message me back you have to go to my page or I won't know you did. I don't receive notifications for messages on your page.
    You always have very smart and sensible things to say. I enjoy reading your posts.
    I've been workin'! I have no life outside of my two jobs lol, putting in about 60 hours a week! Woohoo! Gotta love workin' for corporate america and getting diddly squat in return hahaha. I'm actually planning a trip though the last weekend of July to hang out with my friend Daniel Pesina in Chicago though.
    ok u need to edit ur post because i'm the coolest sum bit ch here lol jk but were u been haven't seen u posting at all
    just to let you know i dont hate you actually i wanted to ask you a question.

    my xbox just broke and i was really looking forward to the third gears (the only reason i have an xbox) what else is good about xbox should i just buy a new one or go to my local pawn shop and buy a used one.
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