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    Future of MK

    Well, with the videos of Jaime, Luke, Chun Li, Ryu, and Guile already out and the whole Harada and Boon trolling... People are speculating Tekken VS Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter. SF6 gameplay is a cross between Tekken and Mortal Kombat.
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    Future of MK

    Sounds like this is also talking about the Street Fighter franchise. You guys see the SF6 bullshit lol. The reason that Street Fighter is being played more in tournaments than Mortal Kombat is because there are more international players who play Street Fighter. In reality, nobody really wants...
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    Future of MK

    Well, characters like one of the Cage family members, Liu Kang, Jade, Kitana, Jax, and Shang Tsung might be a good fit. After all, SF has their share of magic and mysticism too. Gill, Gouki, Vega (M.Bison/Dictator), Rose, and Oro. although, the dream match would be Ken and Scorpion VS Ryu and...
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    Future of MK

    So we all got the teaser for Street Fighter 6. Ed Boon was talking about Street Fighter this past summer. Could a Mortal Kombat character be in Street Fighter 6?
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    Future of MK

    I posted my take on the MK lore like 10 or 15 years go in timeline format but it's missing (got nuked from the Internet). Can't find it on trmk or mortalkombatonline. The "here" link doesn't work anymore:
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    Future of MK

    Don't know. But it would be cool if Wizards of the Coast does a Mortal Kombat crossover. Quan Chi would fit well with the black cards. Guess Scorpion with the red cards. They're doing a Street Fighter crossover. Chun Li in MTG:
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    Official Street Fighter Thread

    I guess Street Fighter is now pretty much a dead series...
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    i thinks this NPC character needs to comeback as a DLC

    I remember that Li Mei stole the kick throw from M. Bison/Vega from Capcom VS Snk 2 in MK Deception.
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    Future of MK

    Well, well well. If you haven't seen Mortal Kombat (2021) then don't. Trust me. Unless, you want to chalk it up to this version of Mortal Kombat being another timeline from Kronika's countless timelines then I guess you can call Mortal Kombat (2021) canon lore wise. There has never been a true...
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    Future of MK

    Don't know. But check this. Setting records straight!!!!
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    EJB Menu

    Confirmed that the code doesn't work for Mortal Kombat Revision 3.x Maybe it doesn't exist until 5.x I confirmed that it does work on Mortal Kombat II Revision 3.x with the "free play hack" I didn't try it in Mortal Kombat 3 or Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 yet. I guess this was what Ed Boon was...
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    Next Mortal Kombat Game Story

    This should be canon for the next MK game:
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    Windows X

    Anyone getting Windows 10? The NT version will be 10.x instead of 6.x like they did with Windows Vista to Windows 8.1 Bill Gates and Ed Boon at the same convention representing their creations would be epic.
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    What If Intros

    What would Shang Tsung's intros have been? What about Shao Kahn's? Shao Kahn: I am ruler of Outworld. Kotal Kahn: Outworld needs new leadership. Shao Kahn: Exactly! Shang Tsung: Your soul is mine! Shinnok: Flattering, sorcerer. Shang Tsung: We shall see. Shinnok: That we will...
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    Dungeons & Dragons

    Anyone ever played? D&D 5 is out now.