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  • Hey not sure if you are close to Thirteenthorder but ive been trying for the last week or more to tell him to correct the combo i gave for the CSZ thread...

    This combo is fine but it should be: 29% NOT 21% and he won't answer me lol, i just don't want to look like an idiot, its a 29% combo dammit lol

    21% 7 Hits: j.2, 2,1 xx Ice Ball, f+1,4 (Credit to Kopykat007!)
    Lmao I would have asked him for an autograph anyways.
    Here's an article I found today:

    In a Facebook posting last month, drummer Matt Tong said Bloc Party will "most likely not" play any concerts in 2011, although they plan to make another album. In another recent interview, Lissack said he had already written "maybe seven or eight songs" for the next Bloc Party LP.

    Im pretty stoked :)
    Hey man, why did you ban my boy MKgod1990, he was trying to have a sense of humor, the guy said define Spam so he told him, you need to loosen up bro, you told him to quit spamming or you're out, he did quit, yet you still banned him, that's low man really low, loosen up a bit
    Nah I think it's a just a single.
    And totally lol, Tong was probably behind in a car payment or something :laugh:
    Oh god it's all over the place. I have never played drums in my life but I'd imagine that song is insanely hard.
    Have you heard This is not a Competition? Matt went god-mode in one second flat.
    I agree with you on both subjects.
    Silent Alarm is still my favorite album, it was a true work of art.
    Liked quite a bit off A weekend in the city.
    But Intimacy is where I was thinking "dude, what is this?"
    Kele said they were listening to alot of Radiohead during that time, so maybe that explains it.
    My favorite tracks have gotta be This Modern Love and Waiting for the 7:18.
    Hunting For Witches make me wanna pick up drum sticks everytime I hear it lol.
    Yes, It is great news indeed!
    The last new thing I heard was "One More Chance" (Which I loved)
    Then Kele confirmed he was gay and released his solo album "The Boxer".
    TBH, I didn't listen to it.
    I never listen to side projects.
    I am honestly shocked/satisfied with this news.
    Do you know they are back together and working on a new album?
    Also, Tong's drum skills=Epic on a scale greater than epic
    Jinko thanks for introducing us to the board game man. We have SUCH good fun around here on board game nights.

    We appreciate you dude. :)
    Judging from your avatar I thought you might enjoy this pic
    Oh yes, Sorceress Assassin Jinko ;D

    You're pretty cool Jinko. I never see you in chat too often but when you do stop by send me a message :)
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