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    Dissapointed in the MK community

    Everytime we get on and head to one of the rooms what do we see? "Challenge me fags" "I'm the best" "Fight me pussys" "No one can beat me" "Fight me ******s" "You aint ready Niggas" "Spamming *****" Ect... Pretty much a whole lot of ignorance and immature children. I'm almost ashamed to be an...
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    IGN review Don't agree with this at all
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    Trash talk?

    I looooove talking shit when I'm playing my friends in person. If I land an xray Ima let you know, when I pull a fatality I'll rub it in, god forbid I get a flawless victory. I'm ultra competitive in everything, I can't help it. Do you guys enjoy trash talk? Does it annoy you if someone is...
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    Anybody else fill out a bracket this year? My final four is Ohio State, Kansas, UConn, and Wisconsin (huge wisconsin fan) My badgers just got eliminated tonight ='( wondering how everyone else is doing with their brackets.
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    Who do you think will be the best tag team? Who will be the most popular?

    I think JC and Jax will be a tough team to beat. JC is a beast in the demo and after watching jax's footage he looks like he would stay on you and just beat you down with powerful combos just like JC. Smoke and Noob will be my guess for the most popular team.