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    aleins vs predator, requiem

    ello govna, trailer for avp-r it is rated r and looks like it might just rock after all
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    anyone see the preview before transformers? this movie looks pretty damn good, look for the trailer online, i would post a link , butthe videos keep getting taken down. get it wile its still hot.
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    ultamate fighter finale

    anyone watch? maui boy kendall grove beat ed herman in the finale taking home a 6 figure contract for the ufc. ken shamrock fights tito ortiz pretty soon too, i think ken might go down this time, who knows.
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    whats a good electric guitar?

    around the 400-500 pricerange?
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    mk:a gameplay

    for this installment of mk, will they change things up? or keep the exact same system as mk:da and mk:d, now we have 60 frikin charecters, and in mk deception they only had about half the number of charecters and they were already recycling fighting styles. like, e.g. rain looks like hell have...
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    anyone here listen to "emo"?

    hahhaahahahaha i know this topic might bring up some heated debate, so yeah i just wanna see what everyones feelings on this genre is, me i listen to emo , or something like it, but i dont like to classify my music by genre. i just stumbled upon some good indie emo a long time ago and liked it...
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    avi. to vcd.

    wuddup yalll i need a good program that can burn avis, wmvs, and asf to vcd much appreciation.
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    surface, the show

    anyone watch this show? its so fuckin good, you all should watch it. it is the best show out of all these alien invasion shows that popped up out of nowere this season. discuss.
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    the arrow game

    ok guys, you know haw to play this right? ok ^write somthing about the guy above you <write something about yourself v write something about the guy below you example ^n/a <is bored as hell v will reply to this post get it, now...................GO!
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    final fantasy

    anybody see the new final fantasy movie? it looks killer, i seen it on my frreinds laptop
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    anyone listen to them? i liked the first cd, im kinda not sure about the question.......
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    vin diesel

    After going back in time to single-handedly lead the Greek army to victory at the Battle of Thermopylae, Vin Diesel corraled all the remaining Persian soldiers into a straight line and impaled them all through the gut with his enormous penis. He then used their corpses to kick around the...
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    garden state soundtrack

    any one else love this soundtrack? the movie was beautiful, i love frou frou's "let go"
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    benton falls

    these guys are frikin awsome check them out on
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    coheed and cambria

    anybody listen to them? they are the shits they sound like emo but the lyrics are about an alien invasion its crazy