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    Dramatic Chipmunk

    introducing the one and only "dramatic chipmunk" found this on the net and thought it was worth posting Ok... so embeddable codes don't work, heres the link
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    what you like in your mk characters

    Ok this type of thread has probably been done to death but seeing as the forum is so dead nowadays and with a relatively new game on the shelves (mka) I was wondering if people's attitudes had changed when approaching their favorite characters. So basically list your 7 favorite INTRODUCED...
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    nation states (jennifer nation)

    Anyone play this game my brother got me back on to it recently. For those of you who haven't heard of this game its simple, free and easy to play (is a text based game). Basically you create a nation to your desired specifications and every day you are sent an issue and some options you are...
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    Korgoth of Barbaria

    one of my friends hooked me up to this does anybody know anything about it or how to get hold of it this has got to be the coolest cartoon ever :mrgreen: be advised this isn't for children.
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    First Sig

    I know it's not all to advanced and many of you could name the basic methods involved in creating this. It's a sig of one of my high lvl "City of Villians" characters called Abacus any comments and feedback would be great.well anyway here it is
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    Mortal Stick Kombat

    not totally sure which category this should go in so feel free to move it mods. Anyway was looking around and i found this it's pretty cool and worth a look I particuly like the part where he throws the shoe :D
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    Mysterious Cities of Gold

    I was just wondering if anyone remembers this classic cartoon from the eighties I remember groing up this was my favourite
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    Massive Combo's in the Deadpool

    Me and my friend Dave were played Ko-op on Shaolin Monks the other day we got through it in one night me as Kung Lao him as Liu Kang (first time he ever played) anyway halfway through the night we entered the Deadpool and found we could make massive combo's in there even in Ko-op if you work as...
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    Comics and Webcomics

    I'm not sure whether there's already a topic on this, i checked but couldn't find one so feel free to correct me here. anyway i was wondering whether anyone here followed any comics and/or webcomics and decided to make this place for people to list they're favourites, so here are mine...
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    The Mythology of Mortal Kombat

    I think Mortal Kombat is in a transition phase at the moment, the mk universe is certainly becoming more diverse and grounded but theres still a way to go.With DA & Deception they seem to be attempting to set the stage for a more expansive gaming enviroment to accomodate different forms of...