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    The Grid at California Extreme

    It is not often I see a Grid sighting in the wild, but it looks like there were 6 machines at CAX 2019
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    The Grid Emulation Status

    I was able to dig this up. It isn't much, basically just Sarge from Quake with a Grid skin. We got most of the weapons working in Quake at one time (the Cannon ball was by far the coolest one). If I still have the source code, it would be on a zip disk somewhere!
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    More Old The Grid Video

    I have started capturing old mini DVs to my computer and came across a bunch of GRID videos. Here is a game of mine from round 2 in the Chicagoland championship. More to follow.
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    101 Signs... found on an old hard drive

    I was destroying some old hard drives last night and I came across this old gem: ============================ =THE GRID=================== = = ============================ 01) You know the order of the levels so you join in at the right...
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    Chicagoland Championship - September 2000

    Found this nugget on my old hard drive: