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  • Correction: Thats not how he's meant to be played, its just how I play him
    I think that with Subby you have to use him a bit differently. He has some decent pokes, if you use him in a sort of hit and run way you can confuse the opponent. Like you play footsies with them, then get your damage, zone them out, make them play recklessly trying to get in, use that to your advantage, punish their mistake, don't give them time to adapt. Also using his disadvantages to your advantage is good.

    I haven't read that guide, lol, how bad is it?
    Yeah, Kano was actually overrated and his nerfs were pretty unfair. I too use sub, he's fun but you have to work really hard for your wins because all of his best tools are easily counterable.
    I love that sort of trolling.
    Don't worry about not sucking, my main is extremely low tier and i've been playing badly.
    I'm looking forward to it. Should I just send you an invite if I see you online or do you need some practice first?
    We should play some matches soon. Are you up for it? I haven't been playing very well lately, but yeah.
    I'm very aware of ppmoney.... Very aware. As for stick, I use stick in other fighting games but for me it doesn't feel right in mk.
    Hey, you're on EU PSN severs right? I'm getting back into Mk9 online and I want to know if there are any players that I flat out need to avoid. (Rage quitters, Hate mail, Whiners ect).
    I'm also not too good as I haven't been playing mk on a regular basis since september. (I play maybe once a week now and when a friend wants to play)
    Best of playing when ya get back from Amsterdam, I'm going there too in a couple of months plus it gives me too to practice been playing sf x tekken an umvc need to to get back on MK
    hey was up i let it go for 140 the fight stick and the mk9. tommorow morning i go to the ups and find out the shipping. send me youre full address . jose. btw do you know how to get a mk avatar. i need one.
    Cool, I'm Umm_Pukka_Pie (don't ask, it involved beer and a chipshop XD) lol i'm practiced but I don't pretend to be anything amazingly great lol I think the servers have been weird the last couple days and online seems to lag more so combo's seem harder
    I'm liking your avatar. I just joined and saw you were a UK player so if ou wanna play then let me know. I know most people have them by now but I'm also looking to get the KOTH trophy's too
    umm hey i read one of your forrum post about how they block ur overhead while crouching i wanted to tell you that they are actually standing in a way you can test is have one of you friends start a normal block sting than stop crouch blocking just before they do the overhead and it will look like they are still crouching might take a couple tries for you before you see it not sure how restrict the timing is if you want more proof look up on youtube they have something about it in one of their lab sessions
    Partly becuase they have blown up on me, mostly because my entire set of friends plays on them, so I had to buy them to play with my friends.

    Why, out of curiosity?
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