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    List of the easiest juggles in the game

    The Liu Kang thread on his "far too easy" juggle got me to thinking that some characters really do have extraordinarily easy juggles. Though I know some of you see this as a bad thing, it's a part of the game and I think it would be useful knowing what they are. It's actually nice being able...
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    The beauty of the jump punch

    This may seem remedial to most of you, but I don't think I realized how great the jump punch is until recently. It seems to be able to start off almost any combo (maybe all of them?) - even the really slow startup ones. For instance, I almost gave up on trying to start Johnny Cage's combos off...
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    Just bought MK vs DC and am pretty disappointed...maybe MK9 spoiled me?

    I suppose it's unrealistic to think a game that preceded MK9 could be just as good, but MK8 doesn't even come close. It really seems like it was a rush job to me, graphics and all. Compared to Mk9 it feels very clunky. MK9 is really the first MK game I've played (except for the original on a...
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    Do you think you get worse before you get better

    I notice that if I just pick up a character that I barely know (like Kitana for instance) I'll often do pretty well against people of my own skill level just using here specials and maybe here 212 combo. But if I really try and learn a character, I can really suck for a while. I think it's...
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    Does anyone here use all thier characters listed combos - or do you stick with 2 or 3

    One of the unfortunate sides to this game is that it seems like there is no reason to use more than 3-4 combos for most characters. I've been practicing SZ a lot for instance and despite all the moves they have listed for him, I rarely use more than his specials and 2,2 to get things started...
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    What's a scrub player?

    I keep seeing that term thrown around and I'm not sure what it means. Does it mean someone who uses cheap moves all the time? A spammer? What?
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    Dash vs Dash Cancel

    What's the difference between dash and dash cancel? Thanks!
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    List of fastest moves...framerate data

    I was wondering if we could compile a thread that lists framerate data for the characters. For instance I just read in another thread that Stryker has the fastest uppercut in the game. I've also read that Johnny Cage has the second fastest uppercut. (This is hearsay so I don't know if that's...
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    Tagging in at the end of combos sometimes even though I didn't hit L1...?

    Is this a known issue? It's very annoying because I might just be about to freeze someone with subzero and then for no good reason my partner gets tagged in. At first we all thought we were just hitting L1 on accident, but it's happened enough times now that we're sure we don't push L1 during...
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    Help with this annoying Raiden strategy

    There are four of us who play MK every night to unwind. One of our friends seems to have a nose for finding overpowered characters and exclusively uses those...Scorpion, Nightwolf, and now Raiden. I have to hand it to him, he does well winning games, and he does use good strategy while...
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    Has patch helped improve controller accuracy or negative edge issues?

    First negative edge. I haven't heard anyone say they like it in this game yet - only that it's a nuisance. I agree, it's a nuisance. Uppercut vs charge out of Sonya's military stance is one that gets me all the time. Or sometimes her kiss will just randomly come out. Second is the...
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    I think I can actually blame the controller sometimes.

    So many times I'll be doing a move and it doesn't execute properly. I used to think it was just a lack of skill and I thought blaming the controller was just me being juvenile...until I went into training mode and saw that I was actually inputting the commands correctly - but the character did...
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    Help with Johnny Cage Strategy Please

    I did a search and surprisingly it looks like there aren't any decent Johnny Cage threads out there yet. Would any of the experienced JC players here mind describing some of their strategies and bread and butter moves. For instance: 1) Name a few moves you use when your opponent is blocking...