Best/Worst Sonya Fatalities and Moves

  1. MAPS
    What do you think is the best and worst move and fatality Sonya has had?

    For me, the best fatality she had is the Scissor Split. It was nice to see the MK crew give her a fatality that wasn't a "Kiss of ____" and that could be only for her. Her worst fatality for me was the Airborne Blade one from MK vs DC. That should be self explanatory...

    The best move she's had to me is the Arc Kick that was introduced in this new game. It's an nice anti-air move, it can also dodge any horizontal projectile (And even vertical ones if you time it right), it can hit opponents who are crouching and blocking, and it also can quickly cover the distance between you and the opponent quickly.

    The worst move she had to me was the Flying Kick move from Deadly Alliance/Armageddon. That basically gave her Liu Kang's Flying Kick with nothing to make it her own.
  2. VictorMefer
    Her best fatality to me is her Kiss of Death/Doom, whatever it's called, and my favorite versions for it were the MK1 and MK3 versions. I didn't like her scissor split so much in MK4, but it's not bad in MK9. Her worst fatality... well, maybe the second one in MK3, because it looked too much like the first one, and didn't burn the opponent. I actually liked her MKvsDCU fatality (the other, not the kiss).

    Her best move is her cartwheel, I loved it in MKvsDCU, and I'm glad they have it in MK9. And her worst move, I have to agree with you, MAPS, it's her flying kick, copied from Liu Kang.
  3. MF-Judge
    I gotta agree on the scissor split or as we call it with my buds the "dirty period" due to the blood engine in mk9 which always seems to make her crotch bloody after you perform it :P. It's worth noting that it's also much better than the mk4 version where her legs went all whacky. Close second the classic kiss of death but the umk3 version being my favorite out of em all.

    Worst is definitely the 2nd version of the kiss of death in umk3 because it's the same but not as good as the victim getting burnt to a crisp and the orb is just meh... I gotta say though I was almost gonna say the 2nd in mk9 but I've grown to like it because it's somewhat simple like Ermac & Johnny's uppercut head decap.

    I really dig mk9's Sonya because she has a nice set of tools at her disposal and you're right MAPS that Arc Kick is great for fireball fights definitely a fav.
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