What should the Podcast be about in totality?

  1. Critical-Limit
    Should we do 1 episode for each new trailer/Character reveal?

    I guess just brainstorm in here your ideas for the podcast show. Prior release, and post-release of the game.
  2. Critical-Limit
    I think one good talk after each trailer is good, and then once the game comes out we can hardcore go into game mechanics. maybe we could discuss a certain aspect of 1 character. We all go out and explore this aspect in the lab/online/offline. Then we come back and discuss what we know about said character, and wat it means for them.

    This would force us to play characters we may not even want to touch, but as a plus we learn A LOT about them as podcast representatives, and we teach people at the same time.
  3. iViTal
    I'm sorry Critical for not seeing this, but I love the idea. Question, when we actually discuss what we know, will the discussion relate to general gameplay or character specific discussion?

    Jesus, being forced to play other characters? I can deal, I guess
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