The new Sup-Zero Is a Fun Toy

  1. D Dog master of war
    D Dog master of war
    One Day As Was Playin MK9 For My 360...i Was on Story Mode.and i unlocked Cyber Sub-zero
    I stop Playing Story Mode To Test Him out
    He Rocks....well For A Cyborg
    i'm not a fan of the cyborgs in MK
    But this guy takes the Cake for me
    His Ice Bombs Are Amazing.his EX Bombs Freeze Your opponents.Thats A Great Thing If u Can Kick him/her into one.but Put your Opponent in mid-air As Frozen to pull of crazy Combos
    His X-ray is odd But Fun to
    its In the Air
    His EX Dive Kicks are overpowered

    Just Try him his great
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