Gargos got a T-Shirt!!!!

From what we seen the game is great. Its super smooth. The weapons are a great addition. It was still a little buggy. They had to have one of the machines turned off. Because of something that happened to where the start buttons wouldn't work. :(
Gargos got to play a total of 6 matches... won all of them. MK4 CHAMP HE IS. hehehe
Glitch won 3 matches... one of those loses to the immortal god Gargos.

But it was great. Gargos got some info talking with this woman who does the promotions for the game. Such as sending out demo tapes to the people who want to buy the game.

The game she said was to be slated for a September release.. that's what she heard from the MK4 team. We crossing me fingers.
She was also there (since she's part of promotions for the game) to get opinions, we told her about the bugs such as follow:

  • If you do Scorpion's teleport in the corner it gets him stuck, it also makes to where u cant move until u were hit.
  • Also if you were doing a projectile against Scorpion well he was throwing the spear, it would cause the person who got hit by the spear to pause and couldn't move till hit. It really sucks when you are both Scorpion and you both throw the spear. :(
  • Also like in certain stages it would slow down considerably if you were fighting in the corners. hmmm???
  • That's basically it.

There was also some wicked stuff in the games such as:

  • Very smooth animation.
  • Weapons
  • The continue screen was cool. It evolved showing the losers character falling down a pit, and when time was up, it change the view of the camera and you'd see the character slam right into the spikes below. VERY COOL!
  • Weapons... hehehe we loved those.

It was great from what I saw. The controller is the same from MK3. Glitch was first to play.. he left me way back there. What a bum! But he wooped but with Scorpion. You were allowed to win 2 matches than had to get back in line. And could only play twice. Gargos got to play 3 times since the woman didn't remember him.

No fatalities were seen. :( :(

That's basically it.


The characters are as follows on the select screen:

Scorpion: If you got to it shows him in the picture gallery who likes just like that.  
Rayden: The picture of him at is what he looks like. No bo though. He had a hammer.  
Sonya: Had her hat, black pants, green top, with a pony tail. And had a gun holder belt going around her right leg.  
Fujin: He had gray hair with a pony tail,  
Sub-Zero: Had a different mask than Scorpion, had sleeves, and basically that's it.  
Quan-Chi: Was the guy on the side of the arcade, had a colar that went way up which had spikes going along cross it. Yin-Yang in the middle of his chest.  
Noob Saibot: He was still black, but not solid black, he had it to where it showed his muscles.  
Liu Kang: Had his red headband, red pants with black stripes down the side. And a red shirt.  


Scorpion: Sword

Sonya: Round Blade (Round blade like a saw blade, with big teeth, like 9 of them. One of Gargos' fav weapons.)

Liu Kang: Dragon Sword (Has a warped blade. Glitches fav.)

Noob Saibot: NONE

Shinnok: Had a long bo with a knife on top of it.

Sub-Zero: Battle Axe (One of Gargos' fav's)

Quan-Chi: NONE

Fujin: Cross-bow that shot green balls

Rayden: Stone Hammer (OUCH!)


  1. Goro's Lair. It looks absolutely wonderful in 3D. Very detailed. He had four entrances into the fight area. In the backgound was light candles glowing.
  2. Scorpion's stage. This was Glitch's favorite. Was really cool. It had a opening in the center with a giant flame. Than what look liked windows to the right and left of the opening with more fire. There was what seemed to be dust or ashes on the gound... when the person moved his feet the dust would fly up. And when the person hit the gound more dust. Very detailed.
  3. What we think is Rayden's stage. This was Gargos' favorite stage. It was a big round rock that went up in to the sky. There was a replica of it in the background. It was so cool. You could hear thunder and when you looked up you could see lightning, and the cool part was it was raining. VERY DETAILED.
  4. What we think is Quan-Chi's stage. This was a cool stage with like a green look. It had a huge 3-D skull in the back which when you looked in it you could see what we think was green flames, it also had this black outline of a some guy in chains stuck in it. SUPER COOL.In the middle was a large circle that had a slit down like a dragons eye when its shown to light, and you could see that green stuff through the slit.
  5. What we think it is Shinnok's stage. It had a blue look. On the wall was a dragon sign, and across from that was a star, and then there were two blue faces on the wall across from each other. They moved and smiled.
  6. UNKNOWN STAGE. It had a purple sky in the back. And there was a skull on wall and you could see that sky through the lines of the skull.

A stage we would love to see is the LIVING FOREST! OH YEAH!


Intro & End
The intro just shows a spinning 3D dragon symbol that has a brown texture. It then flashes to the MK4 logo.

Click here to see what I mean.

And thats it.

The continue screen is cool. It shows the character that lost falling down a pit... than when the timer hits 0 the character slams into spikes below. SUPER COOL!!!!