E3 2014 Interview: Mortal Kombat X with Ed Boon

Patrick McCarron - June 12, 2014

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TRMK: Fans expect this game to follow the storyline of MK4 and beyond, but it looks like you are taking the story in another direction. Will fans see some familiar faces from the series they haven’t seen yet in MK9?

Ed Boon: You will definitely see a Mortal Kombat 4 character, I believe that's the first time I've said that. You will also see some of the later game's fighters. You'll also see cameo's in the story mode. Some really fun ones.

TRMK: When we last saw Sub-Zero he was made a Cyber ninja at the end of MK9. Lots of fans are asking why he appears to be a human form again. Is this something you are willing to elaborate on at this time?

Ed Boon: Yeah, that's easy. The thing about Sub-Zero is that there have been many Sub-Zeroes over the years. So the Sub-Zero that you see can be anybody because the Lin Kuei has a sea of Sub-Zeroes. We do explain it in the story.

TRMK: In MK9 the boss characters were not playable, will the same be said of this game or is that still up in the air?

Ed Boon: I guess can only speak for myself but I definitely want the bosses to be playable in some way. Like "you unlock them when you do this". We don't have Motaro in the game but if had the big centaur half horse guy that filled half the screen it would not work. I don't think people think it through and just say "I want to play as Motaro!" You really don't!


TRMK: I saw that when a Fatality is done on Ferra/Torr that Ferra always walks away unscathed. Is it considered that Ferra would be handled uniquely in the fatalities?

Ed Boon: No. Technically Ferra is a small lady, not a child, an adult. But at the same time I think we'd feel bad beating up on her.

TRMK: I also figured it'd be a lot of extra work for the animators and programmers to handle all those cases uniquely.

Ed Boon: Yeah, that's true too.

TRMK: Will you have to unlock Finishing Moves in a Krypt again like the last game? Like the Babalities for instance.

Ed Boon: Well the Fatalities won't. There will be a new "ality" that we can't talk about, but I'll tell you when we stop the recording, and there is a chance that those will require you to unlock them.

(It's awesome I can't wait till it's revealed to everyone)

TRMK: Block button returns, are you considering allowing back to block for those who like it the other way from Injustice?

Ed Boon: No Mortal Kombat is Block button and Injustice is back to block.

TRMK: Are returning MK9 character core play styles changing much? Or will it require a bit of relearning for veterans?

Ed Boon: As you've seen with Scorpion and Sub-Zero were not going to just bring over their move sets. It's going to be a new thing but they are going to have their signature moves. IF Johnny Cage was in the game he'd probably have a Shadow Kick. I'd lean towards performing it the same way, there'd be some amount of familiarity.

TRMK: Lots of fans are asking about counters. Are there any counter attack techniques in MKX?

Ed Boon: I'd be surprised if we didn't have any. With the three versions for every character that's a lot of strategies and I'd be surprised if someone's variation didn't focus on counter attacks.

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