April 12th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
As promised, I have attained OFFICIAL word from both John Tobias and a Midway representative. If you are not on the ball with the rumors, Ed Boon shut down his webpage and put up a note saying he did so. However, after 7-8 days there appeared a link in the original message pointing to id Software. Apparently, there were rumors before Boon put that link up that he had quit Midway and left for id Software. When Boon heard that rumor, he put a link to id Software knowing he would get a bunch of people to believe the rumors. If you have kept up with the Mortal Kombat series, this type of rumor spinoff is apparent in MK2, MK3, UMK3, and MKT. Remember Ermac, the EGM's Trickman Terry pic of the day, where someone touched a pic of Scorpion to look red and read 'Ermac Wins' above him? Well, Boon put a red ninja character in UMK3 with the name Ermac. Also, do you remember when your buddy swore there was a way for Sub-Zero to turn into a polar bear in MK2? Voila, Animalities are present in MK3 with Sub-Zero turning into a polar bear. This type off rumor spinoff is what I call 'MK Rumor Humor.' Boon just plays off the rumors so that those people will say 'told ya so' and then that person becomes a "friend" of someone at Midway. :-) Apparently, this little webpage situation is another example of 'MK Rumor Humor.' In order for me to prove my rumor humor theory, I got a response from John Tobias.

From: John Tobias
Subject: Re: (no subject)
Date: Thursday, April 10, 1997 12:30 AM

What's with all this Ed Boon has quit stuff? He's still workin for Midway as far as I know... I see him there every day. Unless he cloned himself.

    Well, seems that Ed walks the halls of Midway still. If you're still skeptical, here's word from a Midway representative.

From: Midwaymail@aol.com
Date: Friday, April 11, 1997 11:26 AM

Contrary to what you might have heard, Ed Boon has not left the company.
So, don't fret...MK4 will be on its way as planned.
Thanks for the concern.

Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.

    Thanks to Jared Putnam for his contributions in resolving these ugly rumors.
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