June 10th, 2014
12:03 AM CST -
Tonight during Sony's E3 2014 Press Conference the world exclusive debut of gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat X we may have gotten part of the answer to the question posed by the game's advertising: "Who's Next?"

NetherRealm Studios's Creative Director Ed Boon had said that two new characters would be shown at E3, and many took that to mean "two not yet revealed."

But it's clear now that Ed actually meant two completely new characters. Actually there was three new characters in the gameplay trailer shown, but we'll get to that later. Take a look at the video of the gameplay debut below:

So who are these characters you may ask? These characters are so new, that we don't know their names yet. Here's a shot of the characters and a bit about what we can learn about them from the trailer.


The first new character we meet seems to be able to control bugs. She's seen with a few flying insects around her after she flies into the arena. She also strokes a big fat caterpillar in her hand as she taunts her opponent. She has some horns on her arms and later in gameplay video is shown with a second set of long insect like arms.

Later a Fatality of hers is shown where she commands an army of flying bugs to eat the face off of Sub-Zero.


The other new character is a hooded armored warrior that carrys a small child on their back much like Master Blaster characters from Mad Max. The small child appears to have hooks attached to each hand and can move fairly fast. It appears the attacks are a combination between the two characters who work fairly well together.

We don't see how their fatality ends, but it starts by the child stabbing Scorpion in the head with the claws. Then he flips around to the back of Scorpion with the claws still embedded. That's when the scene is cut off.

Kotal Kahn

The Aztec looking warrior is only seen in the Fatality montage at the end. His body features glowing neon colored tattoos along with a feather headress. He's seen drinking the blood of Scorpion's still beating heart after ripping it from his body.

I have a feeling these will not be the last new characters introduced into the series. So I am left asking again, Who's Next?

E3 2014 starts tomorrow at Noon Pacific. We'll be heading over to check out the game and likely doing some interviews with the makers of the game this week. So be sure to head over to our Questions News thread with your questions and we'll try to get the best ones answered. Check back later that day for updates and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for live updates from the show floor!

Updated 6/10 To Put Their Real Names in Place
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