June 7th, 2012
11:04 PM CST -
E3 has come to an end, but our coverage is not over. Today our contributing editor, Scott Ellison II, got to sit down with, NetherRealm Studios Senior Producer, Adam Urbano. Knowing his background in the KoreTech team at NetherRealm we asked Adam several more technical questions about Injustice: Gods Among Us in an exclusive interview from E3 2012.

TRMK: There is talk of an improved network code is being developed for Injustice as well, how well is that going so far? Ed mentioned for instance that DLC content syncing has hopefully been solved.

Adam Urbano: Yep since the day we shipped Mortal Kombat 9 we’ve been working on improving the netcode. Alan and his team have gone ahead and they’ve been focusing solely on network connectivity getting the speed up as high as possible; making sure it works great on WiFi and all the different connections. We’ll be giving details on that stuff later. And the desync issues with compatibility packs; I’m really proud of what we did and not putting stuff on discs so doing right by the fans. But we took those lessons and figured out ways to make it so that we don’t have those issues for these games so we can give fans all the content after the fact and not have network issues.

Again, we would like to thank Adam Urbano, for sitting down with us and answering a few more specific technical questions for us. You can follow Adam Urbano on Twitter at @UrbanJabroni and his blog The Jabroni Report is worth subscribing to. If you have any specific aspect of game development you'd like him to blog about, be sure to drop him a line on Twitter.

Check back with us tomorrow as we wrap up our E3 2012 Show Floor Coverage with a report on how Injustice plays. We got a chance to sit down with NetherRealm Studios Lead Designer Paulo Garcia, and will detail what we learned in our hands-on session.
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